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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What will she wear next?

Each time we visit we look forward to what cute little outift they will have her in. Every visit is something new. Morning is different than afternoon

Tried out some coloring today and that held her attention for quite a while.

She loves pretend play with the cups and water bottle. It is so cute to just watch what her little mind thinks up.

She is getting more comfortable each day on the playground and is starting to get braver walking around on it

Don't you just love how dainty she looks with her little hat and dresses?

The banana experiment:
We have found this so intriguing to watch. We have started bringing her a banana and a cookie each day and it is so interesting to watch her eat them, When we first peel the banana and give her a piece she keeps insisting that you give her more and as long as she can see that there is still banana left, she will shovel it in her mouth. Until the last piece, that piece she takes her sweet little time eating. It is so interesting! We assume that she takes her time when she knows that is the last she is going to get, but if there is more in sight she doesn't want it to get taken away so she eats it as fast as she can.

Around our apartment there are lots of kids out playing all the time. They are so cute! One little boy who is about 6 likes to try and speak english a little bit to us.
They ride these cute little bike things aroundThis is the laundry room
At least we could figure out the instructions on the back of this piece of wrigleys gum that we got at dinner last night. Chew....put in wrapper....put in garbage.....guess we don't need the language to know what they want us to do with that!

This was the afternoon outfit! Velvet and plaid dress!

As we sit in the waiting room we always look forward to hearing her little high pitched voice coming down the long hallway!

Learning how to do ring a round the rosies

We brought out the ipad to see what she thought about it. It seemed to keep her attention...she was mesmorized by it!

We showed her the video of our family that we made for her and she is starting to recognize the girls.
Then we headed home for dinner....Cheerios and a muffin....that was all we had to choose from tonight.


  1. God is blessing you & so many people are, as well.... The pictures are beautiful & your words are, as well. We can "hear" you falling in love with your little girl


  2. I absolutely love the picture of Mia holding your chin in her little hand. Adorable. Through the pictures she seems to be a very sweet, loving little girl...and extremely cute :)

  3. Reading about your adventures makes my heart swell every time. I love all the photos, she is a doll.

  4. The picture with her hand holding your chin is so darn cute! Looks like you might need to invest in a 2nd ipad! So cute how she's starting to recognize her sisters. Any word about a court date?? I took Bree to school this morning and I wasn't sure which class was hers and she just pulled me along and showed me where to go and then gave me the biggest hug before I left. I squeezed her extra tight for you. Love her.

  5. I love that picture too. She seems to be looking for intently at you as if she really wants to tell you something. Your dinner looked very yummy :)

  6. I just love her cute little dresses and outfits! Such a fashionista! I'm assuming that you don't get to bring any of those home with you. It would be fun to have some of those outfits though!

  7. I love the picture of Mia holding Kecia's chin. It is so sweet. :)

  8. I am dying to hold that sweet little thing!