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Friday, May 27, 2011

Court update....

Court is MONDAY 10:00 am!!!!!

We are are going to court MONDAY to plead for this little girl to be OURS!!!!

We hadn't heard anything about court all day and we were anxious so we thought we would get out and do something. Here at the college campus we are staying at, there is a van that takes people to the supermarket every friday at 4 pm so since we were completely out of any food, we decided we better join them.

So we loaded this white van and headed to the market with a van full of people.

On the "freeway" on the way to the market, it is a scary ride because you just suddenly pull off the side into the turnaround and make a u turn to get where you need to go....everyone does it and it is totally normal! I like to refer to it as the "death turn around".

It is like a walmart-type place but we end up wandering aimlessly and leaving with pringles, juice, sprite because we don't know what anything is. Although today we found tortillas and cheese so Kris is set now! We decided to eat something at the little cafe there because we saw pizza and figured it was safe and we could point to it to order it. Well it looked normal until a few bites into it when we realized really all that was on it.....It had bologne, ham, pineapple, tomatoes, cheese, corn, and mayo.....YUM!

So as we are wandering around the supermarket we turn around and there is our facilitator standing behind us! It was already 5:00 so we assumed we were not hearing any good news about court at this point and lo and behold here is our facilitator standing there and she says "oh it has been a crazy day at court with my other family so I haven't had time to call you but I have good news...you have court on Monday at 10:00" She said she talked to the judge and she was very nice. The one holdup is that we need a form of some kind faxed to the court from the SDA before court and supposedly it will be faxed monday morning at 9......so we are praying it comes through in time!

We are SO happy to have a court date!! What happens at court will decide what we do next. Whether or not they decide to waive the 10 day wait or not, then we will decide if we stay through the wait or go home and come back. At first we were told the 10 day wait never gets waived anymore here but now the facilitator is saying it might be an option so we will have to wait and see.

This is the quote we will live by for the weekend. "Worry is anticipating the outcome will be bad, Hope is anticipating the outcome will be good, Faith is anticipating that no matter the outcome it will be for my benefit."

And we will keep hugging our girl each day in the meantime!

Pictures from today's visits:

We are trying to train her to like the ipad for at least a few minutes so that she will be entertained on the plane ride home...whenever that may be.
We are very grateful to the friends here on campus that we have made. The missionary couple has saved us with a few meals! The man loves to cook! He bakes cakes every day for the schools here and some of the orphanages. One morning he knocked on our door with sausage & egg biscuits for breakfast and another morning he brought us pancakes, sausage and homemade maple syrup that was to dye for (they don't have syrup here)!
These are some of the things we are craving right now:
-salsa and chips (they don't have tortilla chips at the store)
-milk that doesn't have an 8 month expiration date (yes it is supposedly good for 8 months!)
-grandma sycamore bread
-cafe rio (yes even Kris is craving that)
-chili's chips and queso
just to name a few!

Praying we get the fax in time monday and that nothing pushes the court date back......because that is quite common here!


  1. Monday is a good day! Congrats :) So happy for you and your family!

  2. All I can say through the tears is Thank-you to our Heavenly Father and I love you all! XOXOXO

  3. I am so happy you got the court date!!! I love the quote you are living by through the weekend, it is very fitting. I will pray your court date will happen without a flaw and that the 10 day wait will be waived. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with Mia and look forward to your next update. :)

  4. Yay!!! I'm so excited to hear you are one BIG step closer to bringing your precious girl home.

  5. We are ecstatic you all have a date and a time!!Praying all your papers get faxed in time:) Have a great weekend!

  6. Such great news for the weekend and court on Memorial Day...I have a feeling it will be a Memorable Day!!

  7. Great quote. I'm praying you find something to eat this weekend :) What a miracle it would be if they waived your 10 days.

  8. Yay!! What great news. We will keep praying for everything to go as planned. Wish I could fedex you some cafe rio or chips and salsa! Let's plan dinner at chili's when you get home! xoxo

  9. Woo hoo! So happy for you. We will be thinking of you on Monday (or is that Sunday to us?). Love you guys!

  10. Celebration Time! Come On! Julie texted me while I was a school so we had a small celebration there rejoicing that you have your date and time. So funny that it is not a big deal to the facilitator. Oh, by the way you have a court date. They really are quite laid back aren't they. I will send some popcorn in Julie's FedEx box of Cafe Rio. We will celebrate when you get home!!

  11. YAY!!!!!! Praying for the documents to all be in order. Funny - when we flew down to pick up Max, as we were driving to the agency, they called and said we were missing one paper. And we knew our caseworker up here was out of town and told us she had faxed it. We totally panicked. Luckily it was just a faxing error and our caseworker left it on the fax for a co-worker to re-fax and all was taken care of. But oh the last minute panick attacks! So praying for you!

  12. i am in tears! your words, the quote you are holding onto and the pictures of you beautiful people with that darling beautiful girl! my heart is so full now, i am so so so glad to be a tiny part of this story, even as a spectator you have never met. you have my heart in this and i think you are wonderful. i will pray every day for your girl to come home soon and no 10 day wait. all my love x

  13. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!!!
    Praying like crazy it all works out form Monday!!

    Will you be able to go all weekend for visiting, as well?

  14. I can finally comment yay! I sure am happy for you guys. Mia looks like she is getting more and more affectionate each day. I have to admit when I watched the video of your first time meeting her (I think I watched it 5 times!) I commented to my hubby that you and Kris kept having to move back in front of her as she kept walking way when you went up to her. I love seeing her loving to be so close to you both. I can't wait until my moment to hug on my girl. We have started our first giveaway, if you are interested. I know you guys are super busy! Good luck with court. I would really appreciate if when you got home and had time you would email me and tell me about court in detail. I am very nervous about that part. Like what kind of things they ask you, what is the best things to say, etc.

  15. This is Kyra YAY you got a court date Julie told at lunch hopefully you will get to bring Mia home on the first trip

  16. Love your quote about worry/hope/faith :)

  17. Hooray! So glad you finally have a court date! We will be praying that everything goes well on Monday! Ava was watching the video clip of Mia hugging you and she said to me "look mom, she's hugging Kecia, I guess she wants to be theirs for real" It was really cute. The kids ask me ten times a day, "now what's Kareen's new name now?" They're working on remembering it for when you get back! GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY!

  18. I'm so glad you got a court date, yay!
    They do have popcorn there, at least we found it in our little store, did you look in the chip aisle? And the best milk there has a picture of a cat on it. We joked that it was cat milk :)