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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A surprise at the orphanage

This morning was no regular day at the orphanage.....
First, Mia got to try a new treat today.... a juice box....she seemed to really like it. She has now figured out that we bring treats with us and she searches the bags for them. Poor thing shovels the food in like she is starving.

So as we are sitting in our usual pavilion this morning at the orphanage we see all these cars show up and a bunch of people, including some dressed up in costume, get out of the cars.
We walked over to see them and Mia was quite intrigued with these two...who wouldn't be though right? Apparantely this group produces animated kids shows and they bring these performers to the orphanage once a month to play and sing with the kids.
They are some kind of fairytale heros or something
The producer of this show came out and he spoke english and started talking to us. When he found out that we were adopting her he just kept shaking our hands and saying, " thank you for doing such a great thing"and told us we needed to come inside and see the show. We were THRILLED because usually we have to keep to ourselves in our little designated area. So we walked in with the performers and went upstairs to the music room and some of the orphanage staff, the director and then a group of about 10 kids in costumes were inside. We gathered that the orphanage just chooses a group of kids to come in and they get to put these little costumes on with the performers. Then they get to sing and dance and do activities around the room.

At first we thought we were supposed to just watch but then the performers motioned for Mia to join in. with the other kids. We even got permission to take pictures!!! So we were thrilled!
Mia was not sure what to do in this situation and it was nice for the orphanage staff to see that she would look to us for direction and once we helped her and showed her what to do she would try and follow. We wonder if she has never had the opportunity to do things like this. The other children acted like they knew what to do and Mia didn't. So maybe her groupa doesn't get to come to these things....we don't know. It was just interesting to see her in this situation.

It was so fun to see all these kids smiling! They just lit up to have this kind of attention. We only wish they would have let more of the kids participate...the room was big enough for a lot more than 10.
Once Mia figured out that this was fun and that she was allowed to join in, she seemed to like it.

We even got to take some video of them too (I will post that later)

We were SO glad we got to be a part of it and that the orphanage staff allowed us to take pictures even!

After the little show we headed back outside

First thing Mia does when she gets outside is head for any nearby car. She tries so hard to find a way to get inside and she is so curious about what it is. She wants SO badly to get in one.
Usually the medical van is outside so she heads for that one.

One day Mia, we will take you out of those gates in one of those cars!

Saying goodbye and watching her walk down the long hallway back to her living quarters.

Then we wait for our taxi....doesn't Kris look nice with my purse?
This is the entrance to our apartment area on the christian university campus here

This is the schoolhouse for K-9 on campus
The building on the right is our apartment


  1. That was so sweet, but I am so curious why Mia has never been allowed to participate? I couldn't tell from the photos, but do you think that "treat" was only for kids with no special needs? I can't wait to see the video!

  2. Came in from painting for a minute and just had to check for updates! So glad I did! What a fun new day! Prayers and love! xoxoxo

  3. oh that photo of her being carried back down the corridor breaks my heart! i can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster you are on! wishing you that family car journey so very soon! x

  4. Yea! Glad you got a break from Groundhog Day today. :) And that you got to take pictures of the kids!

  5. i'm wondering the same thing Patti mentioned. i was trying to look closely at the other children, did they have special needs?
    regardless, that's so nice they told yall to come on in and let Mia participate !