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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trip to the Supermarket

After our morning visit on Monday, the caregiver asked us to bring some Pampers back to the orphanage, (or that is what we gathered from her gestures and few words of english) so we called our new friend Lusha and asked if he could take us to the supermarket. He is so kind and has been a HUGE help to us! He drove us to the supermarket and even came in with us to help us shop. He really doesn't speak much english but enough that we can usually get across what we need and if he can't explain he does great actions to show us what he means. As soon as we walked into the store we noticed 2 girls walking towards us and one of them had a Utah State shirt on so we knew she was american. As we said hello to them we noticed they were sister missionaries for the LDS church and they were SO excited to see that we were americans! We got the same reaction from them as we did the other Elders at church....they NEVER see americans! After we left them we turned the corner and there were the Elders. After talking to them for a minute, we continued on and Lusha says to us "Wow, you have lots of friends here" We had to laugh because the only people we could have talked to happened to be in the store at that time and although it appeared to Lusha that we knew them, we really didn't! It was funny! We realized that in this culture the way we were talking to these sisters and elders in the supermarket would appear that we knew them well. The whole speaking with strangers so friendly is not really the way it works. It turned out that one of the sisters was the niece of some of our good friends that live by my parents!

So we navigated our way through the store with Lusha's help and managed to pick up diapers and a few groceries (still not really managing to get anything to make meals though) and some new toys to entertain Mia. When we got home we walked in our apartment and we get a phone call from our facilitator. She asks if we are home and says she will be there in 5 minutes to pick us up to go sign some paperwork.....ummmm O.K.....we were not told any of this before this point so luckily we were home. We headed to the social workers office and signed some papers while Angelina and the social worker talked. It would be a lot easier if we understood what they were talking about! Then we switched drivers and went to the orphanage for our afternoon visit.

We introduced her to some bubbles

she likes the stacking cups both for stacking and for pretend play

We introduced her to her reflection in the little mirror. She thought it was fun to make funny noises and faces into it. As we were watching her so interested in all these new things, we made the comment that she has no idea what is out there beyond the orphanage gates. No idea what holidays are all about or any of the "rights of passages" that 4 year olds would have experienced up until now. She has no idea the world that awaits her.

After the evening visit it was the daily debate of what to eat and how to get dinner. We decided to have the taxi driver take us to the nearby hotel because we knew there was a restaurant inside it with english menus ( we had eaten there the other day) and we knew that the hotel desk clerks spoke a little english so they could call us a taxi when we were done to take us home. So we had a nice meal with the yummy chocolate cake again and then headed home.

We were told we may hear about a court date in the morning (Wed.) but now the story has changed and the court date could be monday or tuesday, instead of thursday or friday...who knows. They are not so much into details around here. So we are just praying that we hear tomorrow and that it is SOON...like friday would be nice! Lol!!!

Paka! (Goodbye)


  1. Okay, I am learning to wait to put make-up on until I think you guys have gone to bed and won't be posting anymore :)

    I am so excited that you got to feel a little bit of home today. I bet you made P Day a little better for the missionaries and they will have lots to write home about.

    I am so hopeful that you get to come home soon and introduce Mia to this wonderful world she lives in.

    I have fallen in love with little Mia.

  2. Praying your court date is soon! Mia making faces in her mirror are so cute ~ just a glimpse of the new life and experiences she is being blessed with.

  3. Love the updates! She looks so happy with you. Can you imagine life without books or bubbles?

  4. In regards to your last post... McD's is a comfort food! When I traveled to Finland and Russia after high school McD's was a taste from home on a 3 week trip... it just was comforting and what I needed in a world that I could not communicate in.
    Second... Once you have your court date what does that determine? Is it to decide when you can bring Mia home? Just wondering what you will need to conquer and what the final steps are.
    I am loving the posts and pictures. Mia face is so animated, it tells me the story all on it's own without any words from her Mommy. Keep it up - your an amazing example of strength and faith.

  5. I just love reading your posts! I can't imagine how much you are missing your sweet girls at home, but how sweet it is that you and your husband have this time devoted to Mia and are able to bond with her! Praying for that court date to come soon!!!

  6. So excited to get home fro school to find a new post! I love how her look with the bubbles changed from "I'm not really quite sure about these things..." to "Oh, my! I think I like these things! And, her funny and curious faces with mirror are so cute! Our prayers continue for work that your court date is very soon! Love and miss you all! xoxoxo

  7. Love her cute dress and hat! Can't wait to hear about the court date. Praying its soon! Loves!

  8. I too love reading your posts! It's so fun to see Mia's personality come out in all of your pictures. You've done an awesome job documenting this journey and I know it will be so special to Mia someday (as well as the rest of your girls). Like everyone else, I am praying that your court date is soon!

  9. Kecia, I really feel like I am along on the trip with you guys, BUT now it is time to come home with Mia Kareen !!

    Good luck & many prayers are being sent for a speedy process


  10. So fun to see your pictures!! But fill us in on how this process works. Do you get to take Mia home with you after you get a court date? Will you come back to the US before you get to take her home? How does this work?
    She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and think you are amazing!

  11. I am truly enjoying every little step you take on this amazing journey. You and your husband are great at documenting each experience. Every night when I finally get my iPad from Jordan, I sit by him and read your posts. Tonight he pointed to Mia's knees and said ouch. I love that all my kids are following this journey too. I imagine your girls are loving all the pics of their beautiful sister, my kids can't get enough. Your family are in our prayers every night. I hope the rest of this journey is swift and smooth. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

  12. She is so beautiful! Congratulations! (I'm a RR prayer warrior and bio mom to a child w/DS). Praying for you and your beautiful daughter!

  13. I am loving all her facial expressions! Especially the face she's making with the bubbles, it's like Lyla's face!