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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How will a baby with down syndrome improve your life?

A friend shared this article about some of the things you learn from having a child with down syndrome and I thought I would share a few of the points from it. I only wish I could share it with the people here in this country so they would understand what they are missing out on.

So, you’ve got the news that your child has Down Syndrome. Maybe you’re not even sure what Down Syndrome is. Maybe you think ‘this is the worst day of my life.’

If so, logic dictates that, after 24 hours, the worse day of your life will be over! Done with. That’s a good thing, right? What you’re left with is an adorable little baby who will change your life for the better!

Many people have a preconceived notion that life will be perfect. After all, you’re perfect! You’ve lived a good life, so far, effused with high moral values, hard work, education, ambition, good looks and good health. Life should unfold, for you, in a neat, predictable manner. It’s so unfair! Life should be a constant momentum of improvement.

I am here to tell you that Down Syndrome can make your life better.

So, what will you gain by having a child with Down Syndrome? How can this imperfect baby improve you?

-You will learn patience.

-You may have to wait a bit longer for your child to talk, take those first steps. Your friends’ have made a contest of those accomplishments and swell with pride when their kid is the first one to yell ‘NO,’ because we all know that verbal prodigy is a sure indication of the content of the parents’ character. It is not a contest.

Would you resent your normal child if he waited a few extra weeks to lift his head? If your ‘normal’ child is a bit smaller than your friends’ children – does that make you a loser?

-You will learn the true meaning of love.

Who is deserving of your love? Is there a system of protocols that must be followed in order to be worthy of your affection? Is someone less deserving of your love due to the size of the bridge over their nose or that fact that they are incapable of performing higher math?
-You will learn that love has no bounds, no rules or expectations,

that love exists for all of us,

that no matter what you look like or who you are or how many chromosomes you have – everyone deserves love.

-You will become more open minded

-you will become more accepting of others
-You will grow spiritually. The first step on the road to enlightenment is compassion.

-You will psychologically benefit from giving of yourself
-You may just learn the true meaning of life.

We have often been asked, and for that matter even asked ourselves at some point or another, why we would want another child with down syndrome. To which we now reply, "why wouldn't we?" If we can learn even ONE of these things we are better off. We are now doubling our chances of learning these things that will make us better and enrich our lives. I know I am far from mastering any of these things but having Bree in my life, and now adding Mia, I am definitely learning and I am grateful for it.

The rest of the day:

We brought a couple dresses to hold up to Mia to try to guess what size she will be. It looks like maybe a 3T but I am sure she could even get away with a 2T in some things. Some of the things I bought before we left are 4T because that is what Bree wears but I am not sure if they will be too big.

We also brought a clip to try in her hair. She seemed to leave it alone just fine. Her hair is so short there is not many options

She has now discovered that mom's big yellow bag is fun to empty too.

Kris put Mia on his shoulders and she had NO idea what to do! She wasn't really scared but she just had this look like "what am I supposed to do here Papa?"

Diapers drying outside the orphanage.

After our afternoon visit we got brave and had our taxi driver take us into the modern part of the city for dinner at a mexican restaurant that the missionaries had told us about. It was really yummy and the hostess spoke english so that was even better. We were sad that the chips and salsa were not like home (where is Chili's chips and queso when you need it?) but still the food was very good and we felt full for the first time in a few days.

These are the buses that you see all over town. Everyone uses them and/or walks.

There is an area down by the river that is very pretty. we drive past it alot but have not walked it yet.

After dinner we had a few minutes until our taxi came so we walked around the streets a little. It was a very beautiful part of town! Too bad we are not staying close enough to it to walk around each night.

The Opera house

An awesome gold statue...

Then we headed home and as Kris says "I assumed the position" where I get my home fix! Thank goodness for the internet!!!!

(it is almost 2 pm here and still no call from our facilitator about court)


  1. I have been awake for over an hour and just keep refreshing your blog waiting for a new post! Love every picture! She looks darling with that cute clip in hair, good to know she'll leave it in. love the pictures of the city. Looks a lot like the capital. Sorry no word about court yet! The day isn't over yet though! Still praying. xoxo

  2. Kecia ~ Great post! I love the shadow picture of the three of you holding hands. The picture of you sitting on the bench admiring Mia is especially beautiful and telling. You're giving her the "Mama" look ~ the one that quietly says, "I love you so much just because you are you and I can't believe you are mine . . . forever."

  3. Okay, first, where did you get the cute red and white stripped dress? I need it for Paige...she will not wear anything but dresses! Next, love all the random dogs. I am sure Kris does too! Last, love the bag of Costco chocolate covered berries on the desk. A road trip (or in your case...international adventure) must! Finally, love you guys so much. Praying you get your court date today!

  4. She is so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your adoption journey.

  5. pictures are spectacular!
    praying that you hear soon!


  6. She's a cutie!! I love the clip in her hair! Praying for you to get your court date. Hang in there!

  7. Great pictures. Mia is so happy. It's wonderful. You both look so happy too. Hope you hear real soon on the court date!

  8. So good, Kecia! A good reminder for all of us! I was so sick yesterday, and the only thing I could make myself do was to check your updates and pictures. I look forward to that cute little smiling face and those beautiful eyes now full of light! We're praying for a speedy court date and a judge that will waive the 10 day waiting period! We love and miss you all! xoxoxo

  9. I look forward to these posts!!! Mia gts cuter by the minute!!! I hope you get to bring her home soon :)

  10. I love the hair bow, it looks so sweet on her! She's just beautiful and she's clearly blossoming with you! :) So wonderful!! Y'all are still waiting on court, we're still waiting on an SDA appt... seems the waiting part of this journey is *always* there! Praying you get a quick date and a favorable judge!

  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful post from your friend along with all the sweet pictures of Mia. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for children with DS and am still holding out hope that someday my husband will feel the same way.

    Hope you get a call soon.

  12. I recently found your blog and just wanted to let you know how special it is. Many blessings to you, your family, and little Mia!

  13. With every new post Mia's smiles get bigger and you can see her personality shining brighter and brighter. Praying that things will continue to go smoothly.

  14. Loved this post! Here's to a court date really soon! Also, do you know how lucky you are to be there in the summer and to get to go outside with Mia all those hours? It's no fun being in a tiny room all that time. Mia is a true treasure! Thanks for the great updates. They make my day!

  15. She's adorable! We have a daughter(8yrs. old) with DS, and 3 other girls, but I think my husband would think I'm crazy to want to adopt another child. I'm so happy for you guys! Praying for you, and for everything to go through without complications :D

    Rochelle in Elk Grove, CA

  16. What a doll Mia is! I love seeing her personality just growing with every post!

  17. i love this post and still i am in tears. this is precious, i do not have an angel with down syndrome but my eldest daughter has smith magenis syndrome and i can voice that it is all so true. my child has enriched our life no end, even with the extreme behaviours we deal with daily, padded rooms in our house and huge challenge i could not imagine my life without the magic and love she brings us. xxxxxxxxx