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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon visit.

We had a short visit sunday afternoon because our taxi driver was not available until almost half way through the visiting hours. We got to explore a new little play area on the orphanage grounds. Although it looked very similar to the other one, it was a little cleaner so we liked it better. When Mia came out she had what looks like blue marker all over her knees. It is the medicine they use to put on the children. The other day when we had her outside she fell and scraped her knee and this is how they treat it.

We are realizing each day how little this child has been exposed to in her 4 years. She has no idea what to do with books, she had never seen stickers. We brought her these stickers and she really enjoyed discovering what they were all about. We are learning that her fine motor skills seem to be really good!

We always sit inside this little pavillion on the bench for most of the visit and then we go for a little walk around the grounds and venture to some of the slides and things.

Putting the stickers on dad's nose is lots of fun!

We pulled out the touch and feel cards and she didn't know how to touch the fuzzy parts. Once she saw how she loves them. Today she even copied a few words and sounds the animals make. She is so curious and wants to learn new things.

There is nothing like the security and safety you feel in the arms of your dad!
She is ticklish in her neck too!
We are guessing that this crib is outside to be used as a playpen type area for the babies when the kids are outside on the play equipment. Maybe that is what Mia sleeps in....we still don't know.
Sunday evening after our visit we had our taxi driver go to McDonalds so we could have a meal. McDonald's here is SO busy all the time and I swear it tastes better than back home....well either that or we are just REALLY hungry. I will have to share more about our eating challenges later!


  1. I just love seeing these pics! :) It's a great, happy way to start the day. Thanks for sharing your sweet Mia with us!

  2. Hmmm - maybe I'll go get McDonald's today in your honor ;)

  3. Hi! My name is Ashley Rowbury, I am Rick and Lacey's niece. When I heard about your adoption and that you had a blog about your journey I had to take a look. I just want you to know that I have been so touched and inspired by what you guys are doing. Seeing the pictures of the 3 of you together brings such a smile to my face. All of you are glowing in every picture! Anyways, I just wanted you that I have loved following your journey and I'm excited to see more.

  4. I noticed the blue stuff on her knees in a previous post and thought you were just coloring on her! :) I love all the fun things you thought to bring for her to play with. Love those touch and feel cards. Does the McDonalds there have the new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Slush? It's yummy.

  5. Love seeing all the pictures. I am glad you explained with the blue stuff was. I have seen it on other RR children that are listed and always thought maybe it was just the way the photo came out.

  6. A real daddy doesn't have a problem carrying his new daughter's yellow purse! Job well done daddy!
    Between reading about Kirill and now getting my Mia fix I will be smiling all day.
    Not sure what is happening with blogger but everything I post is saying from annoymous this is Suzie Smith ;-)
    Now it is working! wierd...

  7. this is Kyra when Mia comes home she'll see mirrors everywhere and she'll do all the faces she did I love you miss you guys

  8. I love Kyra's posts! Love the faces in the mirror, kinda like Bree!