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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebrating our little Babushka's birthday

What a magical day it was! We went with the Matroyshka theme because it tied in Mia's heritage and because I am obsessed with them...oh and also my brother has deciced the nickname Babushka is fitting for Mia so it was all perfect.

All day we kept wondering what she was thinking.....

What Miss Mia may have been thinking.....

For days everyone kept telling me my birthday was coming but I really had no idea what they were talking about.

What is a birthday?

Why is everyone so excited about it?

I woke up one morning and my family started singing this song to me....
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Mia....

Then went I went downstairs I saw a sign my sisters had made me wishing me Happy Birthday (Bila is the name Bree calls me) so I figured today must be the day everyone's been talking about.

I went to church and everyone sang to me in my primary class....I was a little shy but thought it was fun.

When I got home from church I got to put on my special birthday dress for the party.

I got to welcome all my visitors

We all got to watch the birthday DVD that my dad always makes for our birthdays. Mine had all of my videos on it

I learned how to say I was now FIVE

My mom had lots of help from friends and family to make all my fun birthday treats and when I saw an entire table of cookies and treats.....I knew I was going to like this birthday thing!

I stood close by to the table waiting for mom to give me the go ahead to eat one of the yummy treats

and when she said it was ok, I was SO happy!

We had Matroyshka doll suckers

Matroyshka doll cookies

Drinks with Matroyshka doll labels

and a gorgeous Matroyshka doll cake,

I kept a close eye on that cake, waiting to get the chance to eat it!
and guess what?

It was all for ME!

It was all to celebrate ME!

I really enjoyed the part where everyone sang the birthday song to me and I got to blow out my candles on my cake!

Bree helped teach me what to do, and told me to wait until they were done singing before I blew out the candles.

Dad even let me blow the candles out a few times because I had so much fun doing it. He said I had to make up for the last 4 years that I didn't get to do this.

Of course I LOVED eating the cake and ice cream!

I was really enjoying this day and just when I thought it couldn't get better....

Dad told me to come sit down and open my presents....

What? you mean all these presents are just for ME?!!

I was giddy I was so excited!

I got to open lots of fun things....

I only needed help a few times...see how I can sign AND say help now?!

Then I was able to play with all my new toys!

I had such a wonderful day celebrating my birthday! I never knew such a day existed!

I am sure happy that I get to do this every year from now on!

My mom said if she hadn't been on bed rest she would have had a big celebration with lots of friends and people who had made it possible for me to be home with my family and celebrate this way. She always tells me about the many, many people who sacrificed and gave in my behalf so that I could come home to my family and experience these kind of special occasions.

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with a family to celebrate my "first" birthday with, and for answering my prayers through so many wonderful people!