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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Abandoned at Birth....

......Because she had down syndrome"

When my oldest, Kyra, watched this ABC special video about Bree and Mia, and saw that the reason Mia's birth parents abandoned her was because of down syndrome she was deeply saddened. I had never realized that Kyra did not know this was the reason her parents gave her up.

Kyra came to me and said "mom I thought Mia's birthparents gave her up because they couldn't take care of her...not because she had down syndrome. Is that really why they gave her up?"

I said "yes it may have been some of both, but the main reason was because she had down syndrome"

Kyra said "that makes me so so sad. I really wish her birthparents could come to our house, because than they would see her and see how fun she is and they would feel really bad they let her go"

This has always been one of my wishes to0, that some day her birthparents would know that she was worth being loved.

Tomorrow, we get to celebrate the day Mia was born.

For the first time in her life, Mia will get to celebrate the day she was born.

She will be honored and celebrated for the light that she is. She will get cake, and presents, and attention just for her!

Last year, we celebrated the birth of this little girl that we had never met from across the world, wishing and hoping that she was ok.

Here is the post from that day a year ago

celebrating our little "Kareen" without her here
Last year we announced our "official commitment" to Mia the night before her 4th birthday.

Last year we had cake in honor of Mia, but this year Mia gets to have her own cake with us to celebrate her life!

As her birthday approaches I think of how we have no pictures, or records, or stories to share with her of the first 4 1/2 years of her life.

I think about how when she does birthday posters at school she will have no baby pictures to share and no first steps pictures, and no firsts smiles, and it makes me sad.

I want Mia to know that she was not abandoned because she was worthless. Rather she was abandoned because she was meant to be with us and she was meant to teach us, and all those who have followed her, more about life than we thought we knew.

As Kris and I have talked about this we thought maybe it would be fun to compile letters to Mia for her birthday. Letters written to Mia, from anyone who has followed her journey home, and/or knows her.

So for Mia's birthday present we want all of you who have fought for Mia, prayed for Mia, and followed any part of her journey home, to send us a little note or letter, written to Mia telling her how she has affected your life.

You can leave them in the comments or you can message me on facebook or you can email me at keciajcox@msn.com. These can be sent anytime over the next few weeks.

We want to compile letters to share with her one day so that she knows that she was meant to be.

How fun will it be to sit down with her one day, when she is asking why she has no baby pictures, and show her a book of letters that will show her that she not only changed her own families' lives for the better, but that she touched many, many others as well.

Mia Kareen you WERE meant to be and we love you so much!!

This song on this video is amazing and makes me cry (although that isn't too hard to do...haha!)

Happy Birthday tomorrow Miss Mia!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mia! I have learned so much from you & loved following your journey to your forever family.

  2. Dear Miss Mia,

    I started following your blog right before your mom and dad went to get you in Ukrain. I have known for years that I would adopt--but seeing your family adopt you has only made me more determined, and in more of a hurry. I have not "found" my little girl yet--but watching your "freedom" video brought me to tears! I showed it to my mom, who because of cancer may not meet my little girl in this life, and she told you to "run and be free". We talked about how--even just reading your family's blog--it's like "you just fit". I want you to know--that you were meant to be. The Lord has watched you every step, has cared for you when no one else did, and has brought you to your family--who love you and love the Lord, and now will raise you in His Gospel. I'm so grateful they shared their story and yours--and hope and pray you always know how much you are loved!

    Love Mary