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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look who we met today

The famous Sarah and her mom Joyce came to visit and we had a great time meeting them in person! When I first started blogging when Bree was only a few months old, I had a comment from Sarah one day and found her blog that she writes herself. I loved seeing all that she was doing and loved reading her blog. Then I found out she was from Ohio where my dear cousin lives and that made me like her even more! Bree loved sitting by Sarah at lunch! I didn't know which blog to post this to because not only did we have a connection with Sarah through the blogging world on my family blog, but when we committed to Kareen we found that Sarah's mom Joyce had a connection to Kareen and when she found out Kareen had a family coming for her she posted THIS post on her blog

We also got to see another Reece's Rainbow sweetie again today! Arina came home last fall to her forever family and it is always fun to see her but this time was even better because we are so close to going to get our Reece's Rainbow angel now!
I had to cuddle her...she is this mini little doll! She is adorable!
Sarah and Max
Bree loving on Arina
Sarah, Me and Bree, Jaxon, Alina and Lacey

Then we all headed to the little playland to talk and let the kids run a little. It is funny to see all of us doing the same thing...trying to keep our little ones from escaping!
Adrie is always so great when we go to these get togethers and she is patient and just plays and lets me visit

Thanks to my cute cousin Rochelle, we finally got to meet another new friend Jordan.

Jordan is Bree's same age...I think they are a month apart. Jordan has a twin sister that does not have DS and his family moved into my cousins neighborhood from Vegas and we have been trying to meet up with them ever since. So when my cousin saw on FB that we were meeting here with other moms and kids with DS she came along and brought Mandy and Jordan to meet us. I am SO glad they did! What a cute family! This was the first time I had met Mandy in person but she said she had been following my blog and so she handed me this sweet card and a donation for Kareen. She went on to tell me that even before she moved here or knew my blog/story, she had found reece's rainbow and was begging her husband to get on board with the idea of adopting one of these kids. Then she found my blog and there we were doing just that. She said her 11 year old daughter is obsessed with checking the children on Reece's Rainbow and she is saving her money (some of which she gave to me for Kareen) up to donate to one or some of these kids. Her mom told me she has a list of the kids she is following and how much money is in their grant funds and she can not decide who to help. What a sweet girl! So once again, I just love seeing how the threads of our lives are weaved together!
We decided these two should take eachother to prom one day!

they both LOVEd the ipad too!

To end I will share this cute message that was on the card that Mandy and Rochelle gave me today! I loved it!

Sometimes the road of life takes us to a place we had planned...
Sometimes it shows us a surprise around the bend we could never have anticipated.
We make decisions based on the information we have...
We accept the ups and downs as they come...
We live "one day at a time".
But often we find it is only when we look back that we can see that what we had thought was a "wrong turn" has brought us to exactly the right place and every step was a right one after all!

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  1. Lily and I are so jealous!! I wish we could have joined your party!!