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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A saturday evening on the town

After our afternoon visit on saturday we went downtown to Tequila Boom (the mexican restaurant) for dinner.

On our way there our taxi driver, Roman, stopped at this pretty park with all these iron works statues. He doesn't speak english but he motioned that we needed to take photos here. He even got out with us and walked around showing us things.

This gazebo is covered in pad locks with writing on them.
When you get married you put a pad lock on the gate

There is a lot of statues for the world cup that will be here in 2012

Some areas had fairy tale figurines...like this magic lamp
and this russian childrens super hero

Breaking the bank

You have to pay to use these toilets at the park...once you put your money in the door will open
Another beautiful church

More underground markets
So glad that the scale showed Kris is still heavier than me!
This square in the middle of the city was really good people watching and lots going on
You can have your choice of an SUV, a power wheels care, or a pony ride!
Or these bikes....

The big soccer stadium


  1. i love that pic of the 2 of you kissing infront of the kissing sculpture. its beautiful! you need it frames on your wall! xx

  2. You two are so darned cute! Enjoy all of your "dates", "cuz you're about to be busy, busy Mommy & Daddy again! Love all of the photos! ~ jo