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Monday, May 23, 2011

These smiles make it all worth it

This is why we are here....
I am madly missing my other girls but seeing these smiles reminds me what we are doing......

There are a million reasons why we shouldn't be here.......

but there is only ONE reason why we should be here.....
and her name is
Mia Kareen!!!!
And she deserves to smile!!!!!

She deserves to laugh so hard she can't hold her head up!

She deserves to explore the world and show what she has to offer
She is why we are here
She is why we will press on
I miss my girls back home so bad it hurts
but one day she will get to hug those new sisters and they will know
that they saved their sister's life and
She is worth it!

So we will keep enjoying witnessing the miracle that this is

We will keep enjoying watching this little flower bloom before our eyes

(We tried out the timer to catch a few pics of us all together.)

Because when all is said and done, she is worth it!


  1. This is crazy, Kecia- just as I was thinking "She is just like a flower unfolding right before our eyes"- I read your words!! It gave me the chills! She gets prettier every day and just looks SOOO happy!!

  2. Love her beautiful smile. Praying things wrap up fast for you so she can get home and meet those sweet sisters of hers :)

  3. I can see her "blooming" from one blog post to another. She is precious!!!

  4. Her smile is contagious! Gorgeous little girl!

  5. She's a beauty and will fit in perfectly with your other three beautiful daughters! I can't wait to see Mia in matching dresses with her sisters!

  6. She is beautiful. I love her little dress! You are definitely where you need to be. This little girls needs you and you need her. That smile is so contagious. I can almost hear her laughter through these pictures! How lucky she is to have 3 sisters waiting to meet her and play with her and love her! She so deserves that! You are making a difference and what a HUGE difference it is to her!
    (loved talking to you today! xoxo)

  7. Mia's smile gets bigger and bigger on every post! She looks SO happy with her mommy and daddy! I can't wait to see her reaction when she meets her sisters at home!

  8. So worth it! My favorite picture is the one 3rd to the end. Just beautiful. I was going to say what Julie said, that you can almost hear her laughter!

    Thought of you today when I read Pres. Eyring's talk from the last conference called "Opportunities to Do Good." He said, "For the Master I extend thanks for your work to serve the children of our Heavenly Father. He knows you, and He sees yours effort, diligence, and sacrifice. I pray that He will grant you the blessing of seeing the fruit of your labors in the happiness of those you have helped and with whom you have helped for the Lord."

    Keep up the good work! Praying for you always. Loves.

  9. She does look so very happy and seems to be getting much more comfortable with her new Mommy and Daddy! I can only imagine how much you must miss you other beauties but she is definitely worth it and knows what a huge plan God has for her. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

  10. It is a miracle right before our eyes! She looks more comfortable and at home with you and Kris each new day! Adrie and I have been loving and smiling and crying looking at at these new pictures! Love you all! xoxoxo This is from Adrie and she is going to type it! when I was looking at the pictures it was so fun to see her laughing and smiling so much love adrie and gramma

  11. She does look happier and happier with each post. What a blessing to be able to read about your miracle.

  12. Oh my goodness, Kecia ~ just a few days ago, I left a comment that said She is like a beautiful flower opening before your eyes! I can't wait to see her in "full bloom" among your other pretty flowers waiting at home. All the pictures are so wonderful to see ~ thanks!

  13. I love love love every single one of those pictures. Oh my goodness. Thank you for letting us enjoy your journey vicariously. She is beautiful and sweet and amazing.

  14. This is Kyra her smile is SO cute I bet she'll do the cheese face or smile but look somewhere else i love you miss you

  15. Oh my heavens!! My heart is SO happy for that sweet little girl!!! Love is sure making her blossom! It's amazing to see it in her cute face. What a muffin!!

  16. Wow. she is just darling. I can't stand it. You all look so very happy. It's just wonderful. Amazing!

  17. To see how happy she is going down the slide is priceless. To see her walk hand in hand with her Papa is adorable. To see all three of you together and the bond you have created in such a short time is a testament of a divine plan. My heart aches with joy as I think of the live your family is giving her. The happiness she will now get to experience. The joy she will bring to each of your lives and the joy you each will bring to hers. I wait anxiously each day to read your updates, thank you for sharing your miracle. You are all so beautiful. I pray your family will ALL be together soon!

  18. Oh, my. She could not possibly be any more beautiful. This girl needs to shine her light to the world. Thank heavens she will get to now! A miracle, indeed.

  19. Those smiles - I can hear those smiles all the way from my house. So precious! You can tell that she has warmed up to you and she can tell that something has change and that her life will also never be the same. Love you and your posts!

  20. BEAUTIFUL! Hang in there....I KNOW how hard it is to be there and be missing your kids back at home but this post is exactly why it is all worth it. You are saving Mia's life. She is just an angel and so are you and your husband.

  21. These are the best pictures yet! I can't wait to get to know her, and watch her grow! She is worth it! Hurry home with that doll! Love you!