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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Groundhog Day & Court update

Everyone refers to the day to day process of this journey as the groundhog day phenomenon and we are now living that phenomenon.

There is not much variation from day to day right now(except the cuteness of this little one). We wake up, get ready and meet our taxi driver Ramon out front around 9.

Then we drive to the orphanage. We walk in the front doors and greet the "front doorman/woman/guard" and they motion for us to sit down in the waiting room.
Then we wait to hear Mia's little voice coming down the long hallway and as soon as she sees us she runs to Papa
We then walk outside to "our spot" in the pavillion and pull out the purse and toys and start playing
We give her a snack at about 10:00....which is still so interesting to watch.
We are trying to teach her that she doesn't need to inhale the banana.....we will let her have the whole thing.

Once she gets to the last piece she is very delicate and dainty with it and holds on to it as long as possible.

After the banana she likes a cookie.
We take trips down the slide and play a little on the playground

We throw in a walk or two around the grounds, but if there is a car in the area she gets VERY excited and tries to get in it. About the only time she gets mad is when we take her away from the car and don't let her get in it. We keep telling her, "one day soon we will take you out of here in one of those cars"
We start cleaning up around 11:30 and then we either walk her back inside for lunch or the caregivers come out and get her.
We say goodbye to her and then wait our front for our taxi
We head home and try to scrounge up something to eat...today was chips and sandwich meat for lunch because the bread we bought was SUPER dry.
Then I usually blog and Kris takes a nap and if I get done, I take a little nap too.
We get ready to go back to the orphanage around 3:45
We visit from 4-6 and then try to find a plan for a dinner meal.

After dinner we skype to the girls and family back home or blog and then maybe watch a show and head to bed
The next morning we start it all over again.

People have been asking what the court date means and what the process is from here on out so I will explain:
We are still waiting to hear a court date. It is now wed. afternoon and we have not heard anything. Once we get a court date and go to court, the 10 day waiting period begins which basically gives 10 days for family members to appeal the court's decision for us to adopt her. After the 10 day wait is over, we can take her from the orphanage (they call this Gotcha Day) and then we start the end process of getting her medicals, her visa, her passport, etc. We travel back to K and finish up with the embassy there and then we can head home.
So the scenarios can vary as to what we will do and it all depends on this court date. If the court date is within the next week, we could possibly be able to stay through the 10 day wait. But if the court date is not soon then we may have to return home for the 10 day wait and then come back for her after that. Unless by some miracle they decided to waive the wait, but unfortunately it sounds like that is not an option here anymore.
We don't really have a plan yet because we can't really make a final decision until we know our court date. A few families who are over here right now (not in our region though) already have heard their court dates, which are set for next week. One of them had their SDA appointment when we did and another got to U after us but both have court dates scheduled already. So you see it is just random and now we just wait......and pray......

No word now until tomorrow I guess. We were told now that our papers for court are ready to process but that they won't be put in until tomorrow (thursday) because that is when the computer chooses this certain judge that our facilitator wants. She said it can be bad if you get the wrong judge. So although we are bummed we don't have any news still, we are trying to have faith that waiting for the right judge is best in the long run! We have learned time and time again that this entire process is in the Lord's hands so we just have to remind ourselves of that and put on a happy face and let our faith guide us. We know so many of you have been praying for us and we really do feel your prayers and your love and support and it is buoying us up like you wouldn't believe. THANK YOU!
Hopefully we will have good news by tomorrow afternoon.......


  1. Praying that you'll have good news soon!

  2. Patience...so rough! Good Luck, we're keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

  3. I just love seeing how much Mia is smiling now- she is so beautiful, it just melts my heart. I am praying for your Gotcha Day to be SOON! ox

  4. she is so beautiful. you are all in my prayers x

  5. ONE - one day at a time, one hour at a time, one child at a time. The number one is becoming more important every day. Hang in the there. Hopefully just one more nights sleep until you have your court date and then one more step will have been checked off the list before you get to come home. Our prayers our with you!!

  6. I can't believe how she has changed from the early posts. She is so smilie and happy now, and flirting with the camera. It IS like watching a bud open, and it's spring! How fitting.

  7. Kyra-
    this is mom and dad...we love reading your comments on here! We tried calling to tell you good luck at your program but you weren't home. have fun at the park and activity days and good luck tomorrow. We will talk to you tomorrow. we miss you and love you!
    mom and dad

  8. Looking at these pictures, I feel like I have known here forever. I love her dainty manners and the cleaning of the benches! I am praying that the process will go quickly and smoothly for you from here on out!

  9. Yes - you definitely need the right judge! Assuming you heard (or read) that Kirill's appeal (cause he had the wrong judge!) was accepted (not the right wording) and the judge's decision was overturned and the Davis' get to go get him soon!!

  10. The pictures of you 3 on the swing are amazing! I love looking at every single picture you post...it doesn't ever get old. Miss you! You're in our prayers always! xoxo

  11. Love the new pictures! The prayers are constantly in motion for a speedy court date AND the best judge! Love you! xoxoxo

  12. The institutional behavior (survival eating) will slip away as she becomes secure in her family.
    She's so precious! I'm so happy for you all!

  13. Hoping you get a court date soon. I am not a big fan of the movie Groundhog Day and I can't imagine having to live it everyday. I know you are enjoying getting to know your new daughter but I bet you are anxious to get her home to meet everyone :)

  14. ADORE the swing pictures! She just gets sweeter and sweeter everyday!