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Friday, May 13, 2011

We're leaving on a jet plane

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

We're leaving on a jet plane....don't know when we'll be back again....
Yes, that is candy and snacks...Kris has a "candy carry on". He was willing to forgo clothes for room for his treats!

We read this cute book about the legend behind the matroyshka dolls....how the wood maker carved 6 sisters and one day the littlest sister got knocked off the shelf at the store and traveled over the water and through the snow and eventually ends up in the yard of the little girl who had purchased the rest of the dolls. After so long apart, these sisters were back together. The girls thought this story was just like kareen because she was lost and we are going to find her.

I found them these cute matroyshka dolls online for them to have as their missing dolls. We gave them a journal so they can write down everything they do while we are gone and then they can read them to us when we get back!
We read I miss you stinky face and gave them the "missing medicine" aka gummy bears

Another great amazon find....the matroyshka doll notecards...I am starting a little obsession with these matroyshka dolls.

I found iron ons on etsy and made shirts for all the girls which they LOVED!

Kareen will have one when she gets here too! A little part of her culture!

When we leave our kids we like to leave little surprises for each day we are gone, but since we don't really know how many days we will be gone this time, we did a grab bag of crafts and little prizes and treats for them to choose if they are nice.
I left the girls their flowers for their dance recital...these felt ones worked perfect since I can't get them real ones.

Today our emotions have been at the surface. Every time I think about what we are REALLY doing I got choked up. It still feels so surreal! This morning I went with Kyra on her class fieldtrip and I get a text from Kris (who was home cleaning for me-love him!) that says
"you should see me, I am sitting here crying while I am vacuuming. I have felt the most calming spirit today ever since I went to the temple this morning. And now I can't stop the tears. I just can't wait to get over there and wrap our arms around our little girl"

Hearing my sweet husband say that just put me over the edge with emotion. I know we must be doing the right thing because although I am scared and so sad to leave my girls, I feel so at peace. All the emotions of today have been accompanied my an overwhelming peace. We had a sweet evening with the girls and we all received nice blessings from Kris. Afterwards, Adrie was crying on my lap and said " I just didn't think I would cry this much" I don't think my sweet girls can fully understand the magnitude of what their sacrifice is doing for this new sister. In just a few days, this little girl's life will change forever and she has no idea it is coming. She has no idea her mom and dad are getting on a plane and traveling around the world to bring her home to the family that she deserves. She has no idea she is already loved and we can't wait to get over there and put our arms around our little girl!


  1. So, so, so excited for you. I can't wait to read about your journey in country.

    P.S. our sealing pictures should finally be given to us on Sunday so I will hopefully be posting them that night. So make sure to check up on me on Monday night when you are done with your super busy day so you can see what you have to look forward too :)

  2. those shirts and outfits are soooo cute! you have really good style and I love how you are leaving things for them while you're gone. I'm taking notes!
    will be praying for you while you travel

  3. Wish I could fit inside your suitcase so j could come with you! Your girls are so lucky to have you both and now Kareen will be too! I'll be hugging your girls for you every chance I get! Missing you already! xoxo

  4. You are such a great mom! You've put a lot of work into making sure they know you are thinking of them. Kareen is one lucky little girl! Enjoy your trip. I look forward to reading about your journey from the other end. I feel so lucky to have found you and get to experience just a little bit of this journey through you.

  5. Crying again! AHHHH, so excited. We are praying for a quick and smooth trip (hopefully returning with Kareen), but mostly that everything will work out the best way, the Lord's way!!

  6. You are too cute and amazing. I think you have thought of everything. I am so exited for you all. It's amazing! I will be praying for you all. Safe travels!

  7. So exciting, I have goosebumps!! And you've given me another thing to add to my list - we need to go to the temple right before we leave! I was going once/mo before I had Libby, but she's almost 10mos now and I've only been once since she was born. Sweet! Maybe we'll meet up in the capital on your way out or back in or something, lol. Prayers for it to be wonderful, and for all to go smoothly! :)

  8. You guys are the cutest parents and family ever!!!! You have gone through so much to make sure your little girls and loved ones know that you love them before you leave. I LOVE all the cute little things you have done for your girls while you are gone! Wow, you are on the ball! You have been busy! What an amazing journey! Does it feel like christmas? I'm so excited for you guys! My SIL is in Ethiopia right now finally meeting her little girl after 15 long months!! Love is very much in the air right now!!

  9. You are amazing. I'm crying again after reading your post...it gets me every time.

  10. Kecia you seriously are the cutest mom ever! Every time i read a post I am in tears! Good luck this little girl is so lucky to be a part of your family!

  11. We are so happy, nervous, excited and just about every emotion for you! I can't believe you are on your way! I am so excited to hear about your journey, and we will watch out for your girls here. Good Luck!