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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swimming Fun for Mia

The day after Mia came home, we went to Kris' parents pool to let Mia test out the pool

This girl is a fish!

She jumped right in
She thought it was a great big bathtub so she started washing her ears and her hair
She LOVED the water

And has no fear!

She loved swimming with all her "papas" (her uncles)...she thinks every guy is a "papa"

She just looked so comfortable in the water and enjoyed every minute of it!

Bree taught her how to get around on the slide and how to maneuver around the pool

My Adrie Lou Bell
My little girls

The 3 cousins with the extra chromosome!
They are going to have so much fun growing up together!

Mia was in heaven when she found grandpas cars....they can be controlled by a remote my an adult so she thinks she is driving!

The first of many swim days for this little one this summer!


  1. Looks like such fun. I need to bring my daughter over and have Mia show her the ropes as she is scared to death of the water if she can't touch the ground. Glad to see the girls all having so much fun. I hope you are getting some rest :)

  2. Beautiful pictures of a fun swim day! I just can't imagine watching as Mia discovers so many new things. Your family has completely opened her eyes to how wonderful family life can be.

  3. Kecia, uh-ma-zing...When Mia smiles or laughs in her pictures, her expression reminds me of someone riding on a rollercoaster...I don't know why but it does...So beautiful and thrilling, all at the same time.


  4. Loved seeing these! Thanks so much for sharing

  5. What cuties! It was lots of fun seeing then at swimming lessons today! Love you! xoxoxo

  6. What fun, what fun. So thankful you are home and she fits in so perfectly. Love the pic of the 3 girls, so much cuteness!

  7. It's a new girl group: The Extra Chromes!

  8. All your girls are so beautiful!! Looks like they were having lots of fun! :D

    Elk Grove, CA

  9. Looks like you all had fun! I love how you coordinate your girls outfits and swimwear. :)Also love that the car has a remote - where did he find one like that?

  10. Love the picture of the 3 cousins in those porch swings. Darling. Such a happy girl!

  11. I'm so glad that she is fitting in so well with your family. And that is great that she loves the pool.

  12. super pics!!! I wish you could see my daughter Em push her way into my lap to wave and laugh at the pics... too funny!!

    I just love the photo of the three swinging cousins! Awesome!
    Mia is just amazing!

  13. I used to work with your sister-in-law Lindey and found your blog through hers. Every time I read your blog I cry...like a baby. Thank you for sharing your story!