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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Serious Picture overload from the airport

One of these days I will get caught up on blogging....my friend Haylee got soooo many good pictures at the airport.......

My sisters

Some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for

When we told Bree to say cheese she decided she would rather shake her bootie!

I can tell this picture taking thing is going to be crazy with 2 runners now!!


  1. sigh...so great :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Bree ~ hahahah!

  3. Love them all! So great, hope everyone is doing well!

  4. I loved seeing all those pictures of Mia getting hugs! It looked as if she was a big-time celebrity :) What a very happy homecoming. I hope all is going well with the transition and look forward to more updates.

  5. Beautiful!!

    Elk Grove, CA

  6. My goodness! You brought a little butterfly home with you! Awesome pictures. I'm sure they'll be treasured for years to come.

  7. What fabulous pictures! I love all four sisters together as natural as can be! Some things were just meant to happen. I'm so happy that Mia can now live in a world where she can know that she IS perfect!!

  8. LOVE the homecoming pictures!!

  9. Amazing journey and pictures! Thanks for letting us come and visit you so soon after all of this. ALL your girls are DOLLS! Your home is a dream house for little girls. Mine loved it! My favorites were chit chatting with you, watching Bree karoke, and getting those lovely big hugs from Mia with the pats on the back. You continue to be in my prayers and I hope for your life to continue to be blessed with the sweet tender mercies you are recieving along this journey!

  10. Seeing all these photos makes me cry. What a beautiful family, and how wonderful the support you all have. Mia picked a good bunch that's for sure!

    Congratulations on adding Mia to your family, although I believe she's always been a part of your family, you just had to get to her.

    Much love.

  11. cute pics! That was a great day!