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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Once again...

my husband hit it on the nose......

WE are the lucky ones to have this little girl in our family!

We were talking the other night and Kris said "Isn't it interesting to think about how this whole thing went down in the pre-existence...

"how Mia maybe knew that she was going to be born half way around the world? and that she would have to wait for us to come and find her?She would have to hold on to a glimmer of hope that she felt in her heart, that there was more to life than what she was experiencing?"

We have been trying to teach Mia how to pray

(No, she is not really praying here, she actually
fell asleep and rolled off her bed and landed like so this is how we found her
when we went to tuck her in bed)

and Kris said "although she doesn't understand the physical aspects of praying....she surely knows how to pray."
"I am sure she prayed hard for the last 4 years, that her family would come and find her."

"Can you imagine the tremendous faith and hope this little girl must have had over the last 4 years to will her family to come find her half way around the world?"
At the first of this process when we were praying to know if this road was best for our family, and when we received so many answers to our prayers, we assumed they were just that....answers to OUR prayers, and yet really they were not only answers to our prayers but answers to this sweet little girls prayers.

She had perfect faith in her little heart that her family would come for her. She may have physical limitations, but her spirit is perfect....

so much more perfect than any of ours.

Therefore, although yes she is lucky to have a family now, we are really the lucky ones who get to be a part of her life and reap the rewards of her perfect spirit.

My brother sent me a letter the other day with awesome advice. He said "I am learning that whenever I follow the path He (Heavenly Father) sets, I end up in a better place than I ever could have on my own."

I learned this principle when Bree was born,

and I am learning it again now.


  1. Beautiful post! And so very true!

  2. Perfectly said... She looks so much like ya`lll too... She just fits right in perfectly. I have wondered the same things... Did Judd somewhere inside know we would come for him! I prayed many times that God would give him dreams of us. God Bless!

  3. Beautiful....and by the way...Mia looks like she is one of your children. I actually think she looks a lot like your 2nd daughter. I loved this post!! God is good!

  4. I just put my make-up on! Dang it! But, I love it! Thanks!

  5. That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! Thank you for sharing!! Your girls are adorable! I love seeing pics! I'm addicted!

  6. Love it, Kecia - brought tears to my eyes! We have wondered much the same thing. AND, I can't remember if I told you in a prior comment that Brian thought he got y'all's phone when he was back in Kiev? He said it had the elders programmed in, so he figured it was yours. ;) The ones in our city here are in my phone, too! So glad to see pics of Mia - with Bree, with you, with ALL of you, at HOME. <3

  7. Every time I see Mia with your family, it just makes me SO happy. She looks like she has been with yall her whole life, and as you said above, maybe she has :-) How lucky you all are to have each other.

  8. Just. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. Her.!! Beautiful post, and beautiful pics as usual <3 Your story gives me SO much hope about bringing home Pauline. I can only pray we have the success story you have!

  9. OK, I really needed to read this after Anya took a black dry erase marker to my off-white chairs. ha ha. They really are perfect little souls! They have been sent to us FOR us!

  10. Love all the pictures of her and that amazingly beautiful Bree. Her smile just lights up a room. I have always felt that these are God's choicest children. They have so much to teach us. Like poor Heather needs to learn to put plastic covering over her off-white chairs (smiles and hugs to you Heather).

  11. Wonderful pictures! Your girls are all so beautiful, and Mia seems thrilled with her new life.

  12. My friend, Shea, once wrote on my FB wall and I quote, I can't help but think that somewhere deep inside, Paisley knows her life is about to change...forever. I hope and pray she knows that. I pray she is clinging to that glimmer of hope until I can reach her...

  13. All I thought at the end of this post was "AMEN!"

  14. I needed this today. As so many things are conspiring to make it look like I may never be able to adopt, I needed the reminder that not only does Heavenly Father listen to my prayers and want what's best for me, but he listens to the prayers of these sweet children. I just need to have faith that he will do whatever it takes to help them. Thank you.

  15. Mia is soooo photogenic! My daughter makes the funniest faces when we're taking pictures ;D I have to keep taking them until she finally has a "normal" expression. LOL! It's so great to read all of the current adoptions happening, and the future adoptees that are being spoken for. :)

    Elk Grove, CA

  16. Such a touching post and so true. I love how this experience for your family has given me so many reality shifts in my thought process. Opening up my understanding to the possibilities beyond my own wants and needs to seeing that prayer and faith works on the Lords design, not ours. Thanks Kecia.

  17. Kecia, you've said it so wonderfully again! What an incredible thing to think that while we are praying for them to come home, they are also praying for us to come get them! It's powerful that we are not acting on just what we want, but what HE wants! So glad they are the same thing! :)

  18. Kecia that was so perfect. i just love coming here and seeing the joy and happiness on Mia's face.

  19. That is simply beautiful...along with the pictures..... Mia appears to seem as though she has always been living with your family.... Looks like she has settled in very comfortably....


  20. What did she think of the fireworks? One of the pictures looked like that's what you were doing. Does Bree like fireworks?

  21. So sweet! It's so fun to see and watch Mia!