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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Freedom

Freedom took on a whole new meaning this year on the 4th of July.

When we landed in the USA with Mia almost a month ago, I was emotional as I saw the American flag on one of the airplanes.
We were home and Mia was FREE!

So many times while we were in Ukraine, the people would say "Oh you are so lucky to live in America, She is so lucky to get to go to America" Being away from America, made us appreciate it even more when we got back.

I have always been a sucker for patriotic songs and I always cry in the star spangled banner, or when I see a flag waving, but this year was a new level of appreciation for the freedom that this holiday represents

A new appreciation of what it means to be free

A new sense of honor to sing " I am proud to be an American"

A new sense of gratitude for the country we live in

and the true freedom that we enjoy

and the NEW freedom that Mia is now able to enjoy

Freedom to LIVE

Freedom to be who she wants to be
and not be sentenced to life in an institution just because of an extra chromosome

Freedom to know what it means to have sisters

and friends and family

Freedom to smile and to laugh

to explore

Freedom to play

Freedom to just be a kid

Freedom to love

and be loved

Freedom to shine

to eat when she wants to eat and sleep when she wants to sleep

Freedom to feel valued and important

Finally after 4 years,
this little girl knows what it REALLY means to be FREE!

And because of her, we are learning a new meaning of freedom

We are learning that life is full of opportunities and miracles, if we will just learn to

Embrace Life,

Give Thanks,

Be Amazed.

Embrace the world around us

Embrace the possibilities

Give thanks for what we have

Be amazed at what life is all about
Be amazed at all the little things

the little things that we may take for granted,

but that so many like Mia, have never ever known.

Mia is embracing her new life and her new freedom
just like she was always meant to do

just like she deserves to do


  1. Loved this post. So true and I am so glad Mia is here, able to experience whatever she wants.

    Jennifer from CA

  2. Beautiful post! Your family looks so complete in those photos! So happy to see you all together! Adorable!!

  3. i just love the new shots of you all together! you all look so right! lovely lovely lovely xxx

  4. This brightened my day! So much to be thankful for! xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful pictures and words!! I love how Bree is waving to the crowds during the bike parade! Wish we had something fun like that in our neighborhood, but I guess that would mean I need to start it...yikes!! Yikes!

    Elk Grove, CA

  6. Love watching Mia be free. I really love living in America. How blessed we really are. Reading about all these journeys to get these sweet children home reminds me of that daily. Looking forward to having our little one home for next 4th of July.

  7. So cute! A good reminder to be grateful. We are very blessed. Such a beautiful family.

  8. Because of Mia, we ALL have a new appreciation of what it means to be FREE!

  9. Lovely post and lovely photos!!

    So happy to see how she seems to have seamlessly fit right in! Those dresses on the girls are absolutely adorable btw! Love them!!

    That family picture is so cute!!