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Monday, June 20, 2011

The long treck home

Saying goodbye to Ukraine....next stop Paris

Mia thought the plane was just a big car.
She was SO good on both flights. The first flight from Kiev to Paris was 4 hours. On takeoff she said "weeeee"

She entertained herself with magazines
a few books and her baby doll
She liked to show her baby what was out the window

and read the book to her doll too

she loved hiding under her blanket with her doll and playing
She thought it was great that she could be in this big "car" AND have a meal brought to her! She of course used her best manners eating...as usual! People around us could not stop watching her!

she slept through the landing into Paris

As you know, when we got to Paris our plans changed...and we stayed at the airport for our 12 hour layover

we are so happy to be staying at the airport...haha

she crashed before the airport delivered the little foam mattresses and blankets

At 11 the next morning we boarded our last flight home....a 10 hour flight
This little one did AMAZING! She just sat in her seat and colored and entertained herself! She took 2 naps and hardly made a peep. Everyone around us was amazed at how well she behaved and when they found out we had just adopted her and had only had her with us for a week, they were shocked. They said she seemed so comfortable they thought she had been ours forever.

I was emotional as we landed! Kris and I looked at each other and said "we did it!" What a wonderful journey we had, which made it all the more emotional to be safely in America and about to see our family and friends again! It makes you super grateful for all that we have here! After a LONG trip, we finally arrived HOME to a WONDERFUL welcome of family and friends!!!!


  1. What an angel! I can't imagine taking that trek with my boys; it would be a nightmare!

  2. Love it. The one where is she is showing her doll what is outside the window made me cry. I don't know why...maybe because she always wanted to know what was outside and now she does! She is beautiful.


  3. ooooooo i have been waiting for these posts of you coming home! the pics of her in the airport in her all in one are so beautiful, she looks so utterly at home with you, it was so just meant to be! i am so thrilled you are home and so happy for you all xxxx

  4. As long as she's with you and Kris, she seems to be fine with whatever and wherever she goes! I can't wait to see her hair grow and frame her pretty little face.

  5. LOVE her! I'm absolutely jealous of Lisa lol! She got to meet her! (& you!!)

    Glad you made it! I can't wait til you have been home awhile and have a moment to update on how she's loving her sisters! :) Take your time though. We can surely wait until tomorrow ;)


  6. Love the pictures! I just want one of her sweet hugs! Seems like she's been with us forever! xoxoxo

  7. God has heard and answered each and every one of our prayers. Thank you God for bringing this sweet angel to her forever family!! I can't wait to see pics of Mia meeting her new sisters :)

  8. Yay! So excited to see this post. Thanks for updating - we all know how incredibly busy you all must be. Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us. :)

  9. Amazing! So glad you are home and I hope it works out that we get to meet Mia soon.

  10. So glad you're back home! Love all the photos, especially Mia showing her dolly out the window, too cute!

  11. Again, I'm crying...my daughters don't understand happy-tears yet, so they think I'm just nuts :D I've told them, "One day, you'll see...:)" Everything, except Paris, seemed to happen so easily for you...yay!! Maybe God wasn't wanting you to visit Paris at that time? Who knows?

    Elk Grove, CA

  12. She is beautiful!!! What a precious gift from God.

  13. Mia is so sweet, what a trooper! Ifeel bad that you guys had to stay at the airport! We were so glad when we finally got to meet mia and see you guys again!!!

  14. Thanks for posting. I was having serious withdrawals and after the "fun" visit I had with Nevaeh's birth mom I needed a feel good post :)

    Waiting patiently for the next update. Thanks for sending us to other sites where we could see fun pictures of her homecoming celebration.

  15. All of this makes me so emotional!
    I bet you are tired and happy!
    Congratulations to all of you!
    Much love!

  16. It's kind if surreal reading your blog now that you are home. I love how she played under her blanket. What a trooper she was on the long flight home. She just couldn't be cuter!

  17. I got to see pics on Laceys blog the other night! (-: I cried looking at the one where u guys are just coming around the corner and hugging your girls! I can't tell you how much I hope and pray and dream of following in your footsteps one day! I love seeing all the pics of Mia, she is so sweet!

  18. So happy that she is home and that you are now all together as a family!

  19. What a wonderful adventure to this point. I wish your family well. So much lies ahead. I admire you and your husband so much. You have given Kareen something that will make her life so much better. I look forward to hearing about her reunion and adjustment with your girls! She has such a sweet little spirit and is such a trooper, I am sure she will do well in her new life!