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One Less Orphan: Mia's gotcha day

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's official!!!!

The 10 day wait is over and As of 5:00 (Ukraine time) Miss Mia Kareen is now officially and legally OURS!!!!

Born January 15, 2007

Born into our family June 9, 2011

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Reece's Rainbow. What a perfect way to celebrate this anniversary...with one more child finding a family!

What? You mean I officially have a family now?

We had a very nice final visiting day at the orphanage today. We took our gifts for the caregivers in Mia's group and the note we had translated for them.

The caregivers invited us into the room for awhile and we handed out the toys we had brought for the kids.

We had picked out some rattles and little handheld toys for each of them and when they saw us pull them out of the bag, they all squealed with excitement! It was so cute! We got to hand one to each child and they were so happy! We also gave each of them a hug! We had picked up a special one just for our little "N". Oh how we have fallen in love with her. I will be praying for this little one to find a family somehow! We also left some bigger toys for the kids to play with later.

We made a deal with the ladies that we would be bring a new dress and shoes

if we could take this dress that we met Mia in and they agreed, and had it all ready for us today.

The little red shoes broke last night so it was perfect timing for some new shoes for them. We also donated a few other outfits and hats for the kids. I am so grateful to have something from Mia's baby days to keep for her.

The ladies pulled out a photo album with pictures of some of the kids and the caregivers over the years. We hoped that they would have had baby pictures of Mia but they only had one of her in the background. As she was showing us the album she motioned that she wanted us to leave the board book we had made of our family with them so they could keep it on their shelf. They loved that it had a picture of Mia in it and they loved having the pics of Bree and our family so we let them keep it. We also somehow managed to get across that we wanted to exchange an email address. So maybe we can send them updates of Mia in her new life.

It was mixed emotions a little bit today as we talked with these ladies. We could see in their eyes that they care for Mia and are really going to miss her. We are pretty sure that adoptions do not happen often for them. Usually they are probably saying goodbye to the kids and watching them be taken to the institution instead of a family, so we can tell that they are so happy that Mia is going home with us. The one caregiver, Marina, was very sad because she might not be on her shift tomorrow when we are coming to get Mia. We are planning on getting her at 4 and Marina doesn't get there until 5 so we are hoping it takes us longer to finish things up so that Marina can see her off. We are pretty sure Marina may have said her goodbyes to Mia today because she had dolled her up in a dress and a cute fancy hairdo this morning for us. We have really come to love these ladies and although we are thrilled to be taking Mia out of the orphanage, and we know they are thrilled for her, we also know they will miss her....I mean who wouldn't?

We were trying to explain to her that tomorrow we were taking her out of here forever

Tomorrow her life will be forever changed

and she has no idea what is about to happen

Practicing her scary noises

and learning how to make silly faces

Too bad the lid is on....

She is getting really good at giving kisses when we tell her to.

Final dinner at "our restaurant" Tequila Boom! This is my Tequila Boom face and my "I now have 4 kids face"
After dinner we walked along the boardwalk along the river

Mia is spending her last night at the orphanage tonight. In the morning we will be running around with our facilitator to get Mia's passport and new birth certificate and then we will meet with the director to finish paperwork. Then the plan is to get Mia around 4

Then we are busting out of this place for good!!!!


  1. Congratulations!! Oh Mia...your socks are about to be blessed off!

  2. I've been following your blog for a few months now and I'm so excited that Mia is going to be in your forever family! It is so exciting! Your family is going to change this little girl forever she is lucky you found her!!Can't wait for the post when she meets your girls!

  3. I have been keeping up on your blog, and I just wanted to send you my love and safe traveling wishes as you are coming home. I have loved all your posts and cry every time. I wish your cute family all the best! What a testimony builder for me, watching you guys go through this experience.

  4. Oh what a happy happy happy happy happy day! SO completely thrilled for you!

  5. Wahoo!!! Will you post more videos of her out and about once you're gone from the orphanage? (pending wifi of course) I LOVE watching them...it makes my day every time! Also- what happened to her face? Under her eye? Probably just an owie :)

  6. I have been following your blog and I am so happy for all of you! Asking for the dress was such a great idea :) Genius actually! Another thing that got my attention was Mia's birthday.... only a few days after mine... and a capricorn! Oh you are going to have fun with her! She will entertain, love and make your life so much more complete. HUGE CONGRATS and safe travels home with your little lovie Mia :)

  7. Oh my - tears are streaming! Congratulations!!!!!! Love that you got to keep one of her dresses.
    {I had forgotten that Mia & I share the same birthday - so cool.}

  8. YEAH!!!! I can't believe it! She is yours and you are her's. It's so wonderful. I can't believe it's her last night in an orphanage. I'm sure she hasn't a clue how much her life is about to change. Wow! Praying for things to go smooth tomorrow and safe travels home! Love ya!

  9. June 9th is a great day! We had our court today and will be getting our boys out tomorrow too!
    Will you be in K next week? We will get in Monday and will be doing our paperwork Tuesday and Wednesday.

  10. YAY!!!!!!!!!! :) So happy for y'all!!

  11. Crying again!

    YOU HAVE 4 KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it. Miss you!!

  12. I am very excited for tomorrow. How wonderful for you to get the dress you met her in. You really have had an incredible adventure. One that none of us will ever forget. I am almost sad to see it end but so happy for the new life she has ahead of and for you to get home to your other daughters.

  13. i will go to bed tonight like a child on christmas eve! i am too excited for you, you are constantly in my thoughts at the moment! mia is as blessed to have you as you are to have her and this story is all good and love! thankyou so much, i know i keep saying it, but REALLY, thankyou so much for posting and this blog. your post about the car journey was the most heartrending thing i have EVER read! we all feel like we know you an mia personally now, and we all have delighted in her car fascination and ooo'd over the pics and then to suddenly get presented with the alternative reality of her car journey day to an institution made an unfathomable reality all too real! it was the most powerful piece of writing i have ever read and will forever have my heart under its spell and control. thankyou for all you have done here, you are truly an angel on earth xxxxx

  14. Oh, Kecia- I am so excited for you guys! I'm hoping that we get out to Salt Lake again this summer. I would love to meet the new addition to your family! Praying for a smooth transition for you guys. Hugs!

  15. congratulations! this is such an exciting journey and i LOVE being able to follow along through this blog. praying for a smooth day tomorrow and safe travels on your way home !

  16. That is wonderful and I am so honored to be able to share this chapter of your lives with you. I am looking forward to the chapters to come!!

  17. HIP HIP HOORAY! What a beautiful journey this has been!! I am so happy for you guys!!

  18. WOW. It's happening! I can't wait for tomorrow's post. Gotcha Day!!
    What a great idea to make a deal to get her dress. You will always treasure it! And I LOVE the two black & white pics of you and Mia. They are just priceless.

  19. I didn't start crying until you mentioned having 4 kids now! So excited for tomorrow's big day! Love that you asked for her dress and cute red shoes. What a treasure. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow at 4pm Ukraine time. Can't wait!! Love you!

  20. Congratulations the day has finally arrived!! Mia is going to be such a blessed little girl and you and your family will be as well. What a journey this has been for all of you, I'm so happy to have been able to follow it.

  21. YAY!!! Can't wait to meet our new little niece!!!

  22. I look forward to your updates every day. I can't even imagine the awww in little Mia's eyes as she leaves tomorrow. Praise God for this beautiful miracle!

  23. So excited!...

  24. SO happy for your family! Mia Kareen is a Precious little girl and I look forward to seeing her thrive at Home! Blessings ~ Jo

  25. tears.
    lots of tears.
    but this time, they are happy ones!
    SO EXCITED for all of you!!

  26. Absolutely wonderful! Congrats!

  27. Praying all goes smooth tomorrow. What a great idea with the dress!

  28. I have been following your blog since you started and I am so very excited that Mia will not have to wonder anymore, "When will my life begin."

    'And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin'
    And wonderin' and wonderin'
    When will my life begin?

    And tomorrow night,
    Lights will appear
    Just like they do on my birthday each year.
    What is it like
    Out there where they glow?'

    I watched 'Tangled' tonight with my son and all I could think of was Mia during all the songs and I cried and cried knowing that she is finally going to be RIGHT where she belongs and that her life is about to begin!

    If I had a lantern I would definitely set one off tomorrow as she walks out of that orphanage with her Mommy and Papa!!!

    Safe travels...prayers are with you....God Bless!

  29. Amazing! What a wild ride. I am so excited for you to be home ALL together as a family! I can only imagine the reunion for you all!!

  30. 4 girls
    4 matching dresses
    4 hair bows
    4 beautiful smiles
    2 happy parents
    1 happy happy forever family
    Millions of people watching this amazing journey.

    I think enough tears have been shed to fill a swimming pool. Congratulations!!!! There are not words to express the joy and awe I feel watching your journey. I wish I could capture in a bottle your feelings as you leave the gates in the "car" for you to have forever. To open and share and savor. But on the other hand your blog has bottled it all up for all of us to have to open and fill our hearts.

    Travel safe and enjoy the ride!

  31. yea! finally! so happy for you guys!

  32. Oh, my! Once again tears are running down my face! I don't think I will sleep tonight - so much anticipation! Mia Kareen is ours! And, did you notice her "Mamma pose?" Talk to you tomorrow! Love you! xoxoxo

  33. I'm SO happy to have another niece! I cannot wait to meet her and am praying SO HARD that you guys get here on the 17th according to planned! Love you guys!

  34. I could NOT be happier for all of you
    God blessed you

    Kecia, can you please send me your email address , mine is catherinelhanlon@gmail.com

  35. Some days I really question my faith. I ask God why He allows all of the tragedy and pain in the world to happen. Why does he let little children die of cancer. Why does he let a mom and her 4 kids die in a car accident. Why does he let a tornado wipe out hundreds of lives and a city. I don't know if I alone am lacking in faith or if others ask these questions too. Stories like this, like yours, do so much to restore my faith and my belief in the greatness of God. I am so happy for you, and for Mia especially.

  36. So glad RR posted about your special days! I have been posting about our journey to our angel this week too in a year ago today posts so reading this was just the icing on the cake! Our little Grace was #4 in our family too...... what a beautiful journey!!! hugs from Florida