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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breaking out some summer attire

We were quite surprised to pick Mia up yesterday and see that they were going to let us take her outside in just a tank top and skirt! This is unheard of around here. They are all about layering even if it is warm, but not anymore. They broke out the summer attire today!
Look who is finally figuring out how to look at a book, and enjoy it for more than 1 minute

If you have ever seen the movie "Up" think of the dog in it that stops everything and says "squirrel" when he sees a squirrel. Well that is what Mia does if she hears a car. She drops what she is doing and stares intently at the car. It is quite humorous to watch!
She has added the sign for "go" to her vocabulary and she even says it while signing it

Where is Mia? Yep she is learning to point to herself when we say Mia, although we still call her Susha alot here because that is her little nickname here. The cutest is to hear little "N", from her groupa say her name. "N" is also 4 but looks like she is about 10 months old so when she talks it is surprising from her little body. She calls her "Ksusha" and she always says "Ksusha papa" or "Ksusha Mama" when we come in. This little angel "N" is melting my heart more and more. (She is the one I talked about the other day a little, and if you watch the video of Mia running to greet me, she is in the left of the picture for a minute sitting at the end of her crib) It doesn't matter what her condition in life is, she is ALWAYS smiling. She can't walk and her legs are deformed but yet she still smiles. The caregivers always carry her to come and see us and yesterday I asked if I could hold her but they said no because of her frail condition (or so I gathered from their gestures towards her legs) but they always let me hold her hand and rub her back. You can literally feel a tangible celestial spirit about this one! She is here to grace this world with her presence and no matter what happens or what condition she finds herself in, she smiles and she just radiates her pure innocence. I believe she is closer to our Father in Heaven than we could imagine. I wish there was something I could do for her! I wish I could give her a family too. For now, I am thankful that I was allowed to know her for the brief few minutes we get to see her each day. She is truely an angel on earth!

We didn't get to visit Mia for our afternoon visit yesterday because it was "friday supermarket fieldtrip" at the same time. We loaded up the 15 passenger van with about 20 people and headed to the market. What better way to spend a friday evening right?!

We have to keep our banana inventory up for little munchkin here!

After we got back from the market we had no power again for a few hours so we watched some Psych episodes on the ipad and then once the power was back on we worked on some of our "exit" plans with our facilitator. We found out that our judge is being SUPER helpful and getting our facilitator all the things she needs to get things moving so that as soon as our wait is up we can get what we need. We also found a fabulous lady that my mom knows , who works for Delta and got us on the flight home that we wanted. So now we have to pray our plan falls into place how we are thinking and we don't have to move the flight. As of right now, we are set to leave June 16 and get home June 17. We will keep everyone informed as it is confirmed on when our arrival will be. It is VERY exciting and slightly surreal to be on the homestretch!


  1. This entry was exactly what my heart needed to read today!!! Love the photographs and loving that you are moving closer and closer to the homestretch!! Many Blessings and love, Tara Marie

  2. I am loving following along on your journey. Mia is so beautiful.

  3. Mia is so beautiful!!! is a joy watching her to blossom! a complete delight to see her beautiful smile and her eyes full of happiness

  4. Yay for coming home soon. And hopefully she will like books enough to sit for the long flight :)

  5. I will pray that your plans come together perfectly. It is wonderful to hear that the judge is doing all she can to help. As I said in a previous comment, that particular part of this process is somewhat scary to me. I am feeling very anxious about standing in front of a judge and trying to describe my feelings. I have been spending time in prayer trying to find out why the court part is worrying so much.

  6. So excited to meet sweet Mia, but we will just miss you guys. Unless my doctor advises us to stay. I had contractions and was in labor and delivery all night last night. No worries though, I think it is kinda like what I did with Tate. It just took longer to stop.

  7. She looks so cute there reading her book! Love her new summer attire. Can't wait for your Gotcha Date! 6 more days. Glad you enjoyed your date night. So excited that the end is in sight. Less than 2 weeks...praying all goes as planned.

    P.S. Tucker is thrilled you will be arriving on his birthday...best birthday present ever!

  8. Almost home! Wish we could all "be" there to greet your family when you are all together-
    Must feel amazing to be planning the trip home.
    You are almost there, keep up your amazingly positive attitude
    prayers & love


  9. Thank you for doing such a great job keeping us all in the loop while on your journey...I cannot wait for all of you to get home!

  10. how amazing you are nearly there! i hear your words in my very soul about the little angels left behind xx

  11. i have to tell you...last night as i was reading this post, my sweet ben crawled up on my lap and began kissing mia's picture on the screen.

    over and over and over.

    i think he's in love.
    BIG time!! :)