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Monday, June 13, 2011

What is going on?

Hello World,

My name is Mia Kareen.

My life is suddenly very different than it was a few weeks ago.

Although I was being taken care of before, I felt like something or someone was missing. I felt like there was more to life than what I was experiencing.

And then these two people showed up one day.

They had smiles from ear to ear and people kept telling me to call them "Mama and Papa"

They kept coming back to visit me each day and I started to really enjoy it. They gave me treats and played with me, They gave me hugs and kisses. I thought this was what I had been missing, just some nice visitors, but then there was much more.

I tried and tried to talk them into letting me get in one of the "machinas" that came and went each day....

and then one day, I got my wish.

I went for a ride in one of the "machinas" and boy was I surprised!

There is a whole new world out here that I never knew existed!
What is all of this?

What am I doing?

Where am I going?

There is so much to take in, I hardly know where to start.
They are speaking to me in a language I have never heard and I am trying my best to understand them

I get to eat until I am full!

we get to eat at all these new places and I get to try lots of new foods!

No more living on soup and mush.

They keep trying to tell me that I can just pick up these fry things with my fingers, instead of silverware.
I have to keep reminding them that I need a bib, and if I don't have one I will make one myself out of this napkin and tuck it into my shirt all on my own.

I keep thinking they are going to take me back to that other place

but they keep talking about taking me to my new home

I keep wondering what that will be like.

I keep wondering if this is too good to be true.

Am I really free?

Or is this all a dream?

They keep telling me about these sisters I have waiting at home.

When I talk to these sisters on this little black screen, they seem to get really excited to see me.

When it is bedtime they tickle my back and sing to me. I used to go to sleep in a room full of 15 other kids so I had to figure out my own way to fall asleep. I never got personal attention at bedtime.

I pinched my fingers in the door yesterday and when I started crying they both came running in.

They seemed to think it was strange that I was hiding because I was crying.

I never knew it was ok to cry and that I could get comfort from someone when I needed it.

I get to go outside a lot and every time I am out there I see new things, hear new things, and smell new things. I can't believe everyone else has had these experiences their whole lives. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

I got to eat this yummy cold treat they call ice cream and I LOVED it!

My heart is full and I feel different than I have ever felt before.
It has only been 3 days since we left my old place and I have already experienced more in these 3 days than I have in my whole life.

We left the first place we stayed and said goodbye to my hometown forever.

and got on this really big machine, they called a train

I was a little unsure about this.... wondering where they were taking me. I can't exactly ask questions....
then the train started moving and I got to see lots of new things out the windows.

It was really hard to fall asleep on this loud train and I was a little nervous but I tried to be brave.

In the morning I woke up happy and showed mom and dad how flexible I am.
I keep hearing my mama and papa talking about all the people who love me and pray for me and all the people who helped them get to me! I wish I could give each one of you a hug and tell you THANK YOU! THANK YOU for helping me find this new life! THANK YOU for helping my mom and dad get to me! THANK YOU to each of you for giving me a chance! THANK YOU for being part of my miracle!

I have no idea what I am in for with this new life but I am putting my complete trust in my Mama and Papa and jumping in!

I know one thing for sure!

I think I'm gonna like it here!


  1. Darling post, Kec. The story about her slamming her fingers in the door makes me so sad. . . but happy that you are there to comfort her now! I can't even imagine what is going on inside her little head right now! What a brave little soul. xoxoxo

  2. oh L-O-V-E this post!! :) She's a doll, and so changed from day one! look at that smile!! aww

  3. What a sweet little one, I just love her smile!! She is going to be so happy and blessed. Congrats again on everything being a success and best wishes on the days to come.

  4. She is THE most precious girl! No wonder there are smiles a mile wide on your faces! I am sure that she will bring so much joy to your lives, and that her life will be enriched by being a part of your lives. God bless.

  5. What a beautiful post Kecia, and what a beautiful life she has ahead of her with you! Such a lucky little girl, and I think, a lucky family too, to have found such an angel.

  6. She seems to have something different in her eyes in this post......wow! JOY. She is one lucky girl. What an amazing family she is now a part of....a miracle. Thank you for letting us cry tears of joy with you and watch your journey.

  7. Kecia,

    Thank you for allowing us to follow on this journey...it was my honor to "help" with fundraising along the way...
    much love & many prayers,


  8. Congratulations Kecia! I'm so happy for you! My daughter Abby has been looking at the blog with me and she would like to meet Mia VERY much! So maybe after you get home and get settled, we can set up a play date!?

  9. I can't hardly believe how fast your journey is progressing. She is beautiful and amazing and she learns so quickly, it seems. She is just going to thrive with all the love that has been stored up for her from family , friends and even strangers. All whose lives have been changed through your families journey to find her, save her and give her the world.

    I can't wait to see you all. Kris, I hope you have the happiest Father's Day ever with all of your beautiful, amazing girls together.

  10. I can see it in her eyes the change in her heart. Warms my soul and brings tears to my eyes. She was already beautiful but she's shining with happiness now!

  11. So cute!! Piper has been wearing her pink 'Kareen' bracelet since we watched 'Mia's first car ride" the other day :)

  12. It really is amazing the change you can see in her just from the pictures! I loved the videos and seeing her walk out holding hands with her mom and dad, and the birds!!! It's truly a miracle and it has been an honor to follow your journey.

  13. I'm so thrilled for her!!! and for you guys! What a sweet reunion it will be when you get home!!!! xoxoxoxo

  14. What a beautiful post!! Oh Mia...you are so blessed. I think your momma and daddy are too!!!

  15. Mia, your life is full of so many wonderful opportunities now! You are so beautiful and now you get to experience being loved by your amazing family. I hope you have so much fun with all of your fun adventures...

  16. She is such a perfect fit for your family, it's amazing. I love, love, love seeing her eat new foods and have as much as she wants!! Thank you so much for rescuing her!

  17. I think this has to be BY FAR my favorite adoption post to date! I'm so happy for all of you!

  18. ok you got me crying again!!! i just love her!! but will you stop it with the making me do the ugly cry thing. xxxx you guys are simply the best x

  19. I was doing great until I got to the part about her hiding to cry when she hurt her fingers....I would love to repost this on my blog if it's okay? She is so beautiful, Kecia, she is just a treasure.

  20. Love!!!! Love!! Love!!! So true, she has so many new experiences to try. She is going to soar! Good luck at the embassy.

  21. Best post yet! She is just glowing! I can't get enough of her! And I can not wait for Friday! Love you guys!

  22. Love the picture of her eagerly searching the big menu...so symbolic of all the possibilities she now has ahead of her.

  23. Oh, I just love how you write! Beautiful! And such a beautiful new little girl you have too:):)

  24. So beautiful! The story of the slammed fingers reminded me of Liza and how she would get hurt and then slam her fist into the floor or the wall or whatever was closest :( Broke my heart. So happy for you all! :)

  25. Just when I think she couldn't get any cuter...these photos are priceless!! Her smile just radiates joy! Oh that breaks my heart about her hiding and crying. What she must have seen and heard these past years...
    SO happy for you guys- I can't wait to see the welcome home pictures!!

  26. Such a sweet post! It breaks my heart to hear that she thinks she needs to hide when she is crying. (My Emme will be 4 in September. She also has Ds. I only wish I could go & save a little one as well. We are too old but we do try to help with donations when possible.) Congratulations! Mia is such a blessed little girl. I can't wait to read about your homecoming.

  27. So sweet. Darling pictures. Mia you are beautiful and so loved!

  28. That was such a sweet post. I can still remember when I received the ornament with her picture on it in the mail...and now she is coming home, there are hardly words to express how excited I am for all of you! Travel safe! Can't wait to see pics of all the girls together :-)

  29. All I can say is that I am just SOOOO happy!!!

  30. Her puppy dog eyes are my favorite!! Make sure to let us know when you get in, so her fellow Ukrainian can meet her at the airport! Hopefully its not 10:30 at night like ours was!

  31. So sweet! She is adorable and it is so neat to watch her journey to home.

  32. Yay!!! I'm so happy for Mia and her new family!!

  33. She is so happy. When I look at these pictures, I have my own smile from ear to ear. We are right now looking at a new agency that has significantly smaller fees, so we are trying to work out if we can still do this. The money part is scary, because it seems like no one is really able to raise much money right now. But every time I come to your blog, it makes me want to sell my own soul to get to Carmen. I want to see the smiles that Mia has on Carmen's face too. Have a safe trip home, and I saying congratulations just doesn't even begin to express how I am feeling for you guys!

  34. Wow. I wish I could eloquently express what I feel when I see her pictures and read about your experiences.
    I can only imagine how much joy you must be feeling right now. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    She is so precious.

  35. Absolutely uplifting. It gives me hope where uncertainty lies when we go to get our son! She is so cute and seems to be adapting very well. Congrats and cant wait to read more!