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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where does it go?

What is this car all about? Mia is so eager to know.

Where does it take you?

Where does it go?

There have been many times while we have been here that I have really been hit by the frightening reality of what could have been.

Mia wants so badly to go for a ride in one of the many cars she sees coming and going from the orphanage each day.

She knows enough about it to know that it takes you somewhere. Somewhere new.

Had we not found her and come for her when we did, Mia would still have gotten to go for a ride in one of these cars but it would have been to a very different place than she will be going on Friday.

I can't bear the thought of what could have been for her.

She could have woken up one morning and thought it was a day like any other, then to her surprise she would have been taken outside and placed in a car.

She would have been excited, thinking this meant her dream had come true. She was finally going to be able to go for a ride in one of these magical machines that took you somewhere.

She would be thinking her turn had finally come,

maybe on the other side of this car ride was a family waiting for her...

But instead she would have been taken to a place like this....

My friend reposted this video yesterday (one of Mia Kareen's advocates had made this video when they were raising money for our sweet girl...even before we knew she was out there) and watching it again with Mia's picture at the end just really hit me hard. The tears were flowing as the it really sank in that THIS would have been Mia's reality. It has always been hard to imagine such a thing really happening, but being here with Mia now just haunts me to the core, to know that she would have been taken to live her life in a place like this and she could have been there right now.

She would have been taken away from the ladies who had cared for her all her life. Taken away from the only friends she had ever known, and the only life she had ever known, only to be left alone in a world where she did not deserve to be, in a mental institution.

She would not have understood why she was brought there.

Was it something she did?

Was it forever?

She would not have understood that the ONLY reason she was brought to this place was because she had down syndrome. It was not her fault that she was there.

Only a few weeks after committing to her, we learned that she was already scheduled to be transferred soon. Fortunately the director at the orphanage was willing to keep her at the baby house until we came. But had we not found her when we did, she would have been moved to this horrible, unimaginable place... forever.

As I have watched her these past few weeks and have seen the light she possesses shining through

I can not bear to think that instead of the sparkle shining through her eyes, she would have lost all hope and that sparkle would never have been found again.

Thanks to Andrea and Reece's Rainbow, the many people who advocated for Kareen to help us find her, the many people who prayed for her, the many people who donated and raised money for her, the many family and friends who have supported us and loved her from the beginning, and for the hand of the Lord placing us on this path,

Mia Kareen will leave these walls in 3 days...


she will get to take that car ride she has been waiting for

and finally see what is on the other side of these walls

but this one will take her where all her dreams can come true.

This car ride will take her to a place she deserves to go


  1. I have no words! I've seen that video before. But in the context of little Mia getting her car ride but to THAT PLACE instead of your house--a house filled with love and sweet sisters, I just have no words.

  2. She has a lifetime of happiness ahead of her now! Coincidence? I think not. xoxoxo

  3. Just when I think I am done with the tears, I find myself bawling through yet another post (and I have already seen that video before too!). What a lucky little princess, that she gets to take a car ride HOME with you instead of the horrible alternative. Praying that the rest of your journey continues smoothly and quickly, and you are soon home with all your girls.

  4. THANK YOU, for saving this sweet girl!! I can't even bare the thought of those children and people in those mental institutions!

    What a joy it has been to see Mia blossom and fall in love with you and Kris. Your journey to her has been so inspiring!

  5. seared into my heart FOREVER! CANT EVEN SEE TO TYPE THE TEARS ARE POURING! if you never do another good thing in life again, you know you did this! mia what a darling and how unbearable to even think of that other car ride. my mind cannot go there! all my love x

  6. Oh, my! I have just sat here and cried all my make-up off again! I was teary anyway, and then when I got to the picture of her looking out through the bars of the fence - I lost it!

    I can't even explain the joy and anticipation and gratitude I feel when I think of being back together with you, Kris, and Mia Kareen - in 10 days!

    I have loved everyone of your posts and look forward to them each day!

    Thank-you for today's reminder of 'what might have been' had you not followed promptings of the spirit. And, had you not had the love and support of SO many people - many you know and many you have never met - so many wonderful people united in this great cause. We are all blessed for having been part of this incredible journey guided by our loving Heavenly Father. Love you all! xoxoxo

  7. This breaks my heart, I can hardly watch it! You guys are forever heros!!! Can't wait to see you and meet Mia soon! Love you guys!

  8. oh here come the tears...you two are amazing people and i admire you so much. Mia is SO blessed to be able to call you mama and papa and leave in a car going to a loving, FOREVER, home.

    not sure how i've missed seeing that video before but oh my goodness...i just really cannot even comprehend people being treated and living that way.

  9. AWESOME post, Kecia! Can't wait to see y'all - NEXT WEEK!! Woohoooooo!!! We can't wait to meet Kareen! :) Praying for the next part of this journey to be smooth and easy!

  10. My daughter, who is 8 yo with DS, would be in an institution in another country. I had my older daughters view this video, and explained that I am so passionate about Reece's Rainbow because of this very fact! Our daughter is able to take swimming lessons, play games, be hugged & kissed, etc. They don't know anything different. Thank you for posting the video, and I always look forward to your blogs! God bless you!!

  11. It is heart breaking to watch that video again. I almost didn't because I have such a hard time watching it. I am so grateful Mia is safe and going to get to experience living. There just aren't words. Thank you! It's amazing and beautiful. You can see so much love between Mia and both of you.

  12. What a powerful message you share!!! I have been so moved by you and Kris. You are saving this little girls life. You are both so blessed to have each other. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey as well as teaching Mia her potential and rights. Mia is meant to be part of your family. She lights up in both of your countenances. What a joy!!! Enjoy every second... I can't wait for the rest of your family to embrace this sweet child of God.


  13. Bless you both & the other RR families

    love & prayers

  14. beautiful post.....such a cutie....if you need a baby sitter visit the New orleans area and Im the one....the girls would all have fun:)

    funny how she looks so different just since you have been there....such a happy face

  15. I heard the Bruno Mars song this morning and started crying thinking about Mia and her life had you not found her...

    "When I see your face
    There's not a thing that I would change
    Cause you're amazing
    Just the way you are
    And when you smile,
    The whole world stops and stares for awhile
    Cause girl you're amazing
    Just the way you are"

    Thanks for sharing her beautiful smile with so many. Love you!!

  16. No child should spend his or her life in an institution... they all deserve a family.

    Mia is precious!

  17. Yesterday I had beautiful amazing post to share but with one swipe it was all gone.

    Watching this journey has reminded me that our Savior atoned for not only our sins but our sorrows too. These precious souls must not only have a veil with heaven that is very thin but I think they will have very grand mansions prepared waiting in Heaven for them to enjoy for eternity.

    Mia will have an amazing life with her forever family because you listened and acted. You will have an amazing mansion in heaven waiting for your family too, I think. Bless you all and enjoy the journey. I can't wait to hug you all and see her amazing smile in person.

  18. Kecia, You are amazing. Kris is a real man. Mia is a blessing. Your journey is being watched over from on high. Each of us are fortunate and blessed by one another. Each child is important. See you soon. Papa

  19. Mia looks so happy! What an awesome journey for all of you! We are so excited for you and can't wait to meet Mia! I showed Shaylee the pictures of Mia. At first she said, "Look Bree!" I explained to her that Mia is Bree's sister. Shaylee is so excited to have another little friend! See you guys soon!

  20. Wow...I found your blog through MANY different random clicks through other blogs. My husband and I have shed MANY tears, many happy...some sad, while reading all your thoughts and feelings on finding your angel. You are amazing people that deserve to have this special blessing in your lives. You are giving her the chance to be happy and you will be eternally blessed. Thankyou for sharing your intimate thoughts and feelings. May many more babies be saved through your words. :)

  21. i cried so long and hard after i read this my husband had to wrap me in his arms! you are truly amazing! i have just linked to your blog in my post 'a miracle in the house' i just know this post will open so many hearts! xxx

  22. Any institution, even if clean and well-run, is no substitute for having a family of one's own and a life of possibilities in the world! I don't get much done waiting for each new post - I've becme a Cox Family fan. Also, I feel moved to contribute toward more Reece's Rainbow adoptions. Are you still in need of more funds for Mia? If you are fully funded, which other child's adoption do you recommend contributing to? There are so many in need!

  23. Yes! We're so excited to meet little miss Mia! I can't read any of your posts without bawling my eyes out! They all are so sweet! We feel so lucky to have this little angel in our lives, thank you for making her dreams come true! Give her hugs and kisses and tell her how much we love her, we can't wait to smother her in hugs and kisses! Nanni says Keen for Kareen now and she rocognizes her as a Cox! So cute! 10 days and counting!

  24. Cannot wait!!!