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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Icing on the cake

For those who have followed our journey from the beginning, you may remember Patti. Patti was the lady inspired to do something for a few special little girls on Reece's Rainbow. Patti was inspired to raise money for Olga and then added Kareen, in hopes that she would also find their families. She had a whole army of prayer warriors working on behalf of Mia Kareen and Olga and BOTH found families within a few weeks of eachother. Patti's blog is where I first really saw Kareen's picture and I KNEW I could not deny the emotions and the feelings I was feeling as I looked into her eyes. She was meant to be mine and somehow we would make it to her!
Patti wrote a beautiful post on her blog as a letter to Kareen. You must check it out HERE.

Leaving behind the other children at the orphanage was so very difficult for me and Patti is one of the many people through Reece's Rainbow who has shown me that although we can't save them all ourselves, we certainly can help find the families who can! And then help those families get to their little ones.

As many of you know, I fell in love with one little girl in particular in Mia's orphanage. I have referred to her as "N" because we can't use her real name on here. My heart has been so full for this sweet angel and I was so sad to think that she may not be given the chance to find her family because she was not listed on Reece's Rainbow. I knew that all I could really do was pray for her.....and then another little miracle happened on "Gotcha Day". As we were saying goodbye to our facilitator she gave us some paperwork to take back to the capital to Serge (the head facilitator for the ukraine RR team) and in the paperwork was the pictures of a few children, one of them was little "N"!!! I think that means she will be able to be posted on RR soon (I am hoping and praying that is what it means!) and if so then I can help find her a family like she deserves! It was pure icing on the cake for "Gotcha Day" to know that although I couldn't take her home too, maybe I can help find someone who can!
The day before Gotcha Day we were outside on our visits and there was a lot more children out than had been out before and one little boy came around the corner of the building holding a caregivers hand and we could tell he had DS...which up until now, we had not seen any other kids with DS at Mia's orphanage....and when he saw us he let go of the ladies' hand and he just ran to us! He literally wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and he just held on tight!! Oh the tears as I held that sweet little boy for just a few minutes! He then saw Kris and wrapped his arms around him and said "mama papa" to both of us and motioned that he wanted to go! This little guy knows he deserves a mama and a papa and I will never forget his little face or the few moments I got to hug him like a mama should....like he deserves.

I originally thought he might have been Spencer, who another RR family is adopting from Mia's orphanage, but then at Gotcha Day I found that it was another little boy. When I looked through the pictures of the new children, this little boy was one that was in there. So now he too may be given a chance at finding a family and I hope to be able to be involved somehow with witnessing it.

I pray that the new laws in Ukraine do not affect these waiting children and that these 2 angels can be added to the RR list and one day brought home to their forever families as well.


  1. oh boy, i cannot read this without my heart breaking! how i so want them all to have those loving arms to hold them forever! i want them all to have mamas and papas! it breaks my heart into pieces to think of any left behind! thankyou for playing your own part so brilliantly and likewise to the amazing Patti, who i think is an angel on earth, i just adore her! thankyou thankyou thankyou, you are all such an inspiration! xxxx

  2. This too became my mission when we had Sofia safely in our arms. I HAD to find families for the little ones I left behind that had captured my heart!!! Now I'd filled with joy to say that most of them are committed to or are at home. I HOPE and PRAY the same for you!!! xoxoxo

  3. wish they ALL could be saved...


  4. Kecia, you are too kind. And I just had my makeup on to go to the library with all my kids and now it's all off thanks to this post:) I can't wait to see who those little angels are on RR- that story just broke my heart, it kills me that these children KNOW what it means to have a mommy and daddy come for them...I just want to go save them all!! You guys are our heroes- after reeading so many posts about how much it took for you to rescue Mia- mountains of paperwork and homestudies and details and fundraising and leaving your girls behind and traveling- YOU are the heroes, and I am so proud of and happy for you. I just can't wait to meet you all- my daughter will be in photo shoot heaven and my kids will be beside themselves with joy. Just about every day they ask me, "how much longer till we meet Mia Kareen??!" :) Can't wait to see your girls meeting her-make sure to video that!!! Lots of love to you and Kris and of course to Mia...oxox

  5. I kicked my 10 yr old off the computer when I saw that a new blog was available! LOL! My family must think I'm possessed or something :D I'm trying to come up with fund raising ideas to help those who are in the process of these adoptions, but need to finish "school" before I can devote more time to it...would appreciate any tips on finding this information! :D

    Elk Grove, CA
    Phillipians 2:12-13

  6. I swear there is nothing cuter in the world than tiny girls in their tiny jammies!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Congratulations! She's so lucky and so beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful letter from patti. A MUST read. Thanks for sharing. That will be very special for mia to have. So neat!

  9. This blog has been amazing to read! We are working hard to raise our funds to bring Dmitry home forever (also listed on RR). I ache to feel his hug and know his laugh. Our blog can be found at www.gwynneadoptionjourney@blogspot.com Love to little Mia!!