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Monday, March 21, 2011

What better way to celebrate world down syndrome day......

than to see an orphan who happens to have down syndrome, walk out of an orphanage in Russia and into her MOMMY's arms FOR GOOD!!!!!!!! It was GOTCHA DAY for Heather and Anya and the tears were flowing as I read about it!!!! Go HERE to read about it!

If you follow my family blog, than this is a repost, but if not, here is my post from today for world down syndrome day

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."
-Taylor Swift-

With lots of girls in our house, we hear a lot of Taylor Swift and when I heard this quote of hers, I fell in love with it!

It is so fitting for today.

Today is March 21 or 3/21....it is World Down Syndrome Day because Down syndrome appears as 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. So today we are celebrating down syndrome.

Since blue is one of the colors for down syndrome awareness and the butterfly is also a symbol....this shirt of Bree's was a perfect choice for today.

Down syndrome has changed our lives. Little did we know in those first moments, hours , and days of this new world, that it would change our lives FOR. THE. BETTER.

Down syndrome is not WHO Bree is but rather something that she has, but because of her extra chromosome, we have had so many opportunities and so many experiences that we never would have had without the down syndrome. We have many friends we would never had met, we have had many opportunities we would never have had, and now we will soon have another daughter who we never would have found had it not been for down syndrome.

I went in Bree's room the other night to kiss her goodnight and as I sat there looking at her sweet face, I got emotional thinking that she is Kareen's guardian angel.

SHE is the reason we were led to Kareen.

SHE is the reason we knew we could say yes to Kareen.

I can only imagine the conversations that must have gone on in heaven between Bree and Kareen as they looked forward to their lives on earth. Bree must have told Kareen that they would go down to earth around the same time but they would not find eachother for 4 years, until mom and dad were ready. Bree must have told Kareen that she would feel lost for a time but that one day all that would change. I am sure Bree promised Kareen that if she would just hold on, that we would come for her and that they would both have a family together.

THEY are both the reason we want others to know that down syndrome is not scary, in fact it is down right wonderful (no pun intended there)!

So on this world down syndrome day we celebrate this extra part of our lives.

We celebrate the joy and happiness that down syndrome has brought us.

We celebrate the friends we have through this down syndrome family.

We celebrate that on the other side of the world we have another daughter who also has down syndrome.

We celebrate the hope that one day the world will not deem children unworthy because of down syndrome.



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  2. *love* :) Bree is such a little beauty! Can't wait to read all about it when you finally get Kareen home!

  3. Now if I can just see through the tears - I know that others who are blessed to have a baby with down syndrome - may still be a little scared at first - but, through your sharing experiences with Bree, that fear won't last for long! Who wouldn't be happy and excited after knowing Bree!

    Happy WORLD Down Syndrome Day!

  4. Such a beautiful post. Happy World Down Syndrome Day.

  5. Hi Kecia, I read your article in all you magazine, it was great!! I also love this post!!