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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now's when my life begins

I LOVE the movie Tangled! My girls and I listen to the soundtrack all the time and lately I get so emotional as I listen to the song where Rapunzel FINALLY gets out of her tower! I can't help but imagine my little girl feeling these same things one day soon when she gets to touch the grass, and feel the summer breeze......

Look at the world -- so close, and I'm halfway to it!
Look at it all -- so big -- do I even dare?
Look at me -- there at last! -- I just have to do it
Should I?
Here I go...
Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be!
Just feel that summer breeze -- the way it's calling me
For like the first time ever, I'm completely free!
I could go running
And racing
And dancing
And chasing
And leaping
And bounding
Hair flying
Heart pounding
And splashing
And reeling
And finally feeling
Now's when my life begins!

Kareen-soon you will feel this freedom and for the first time ever you WILL be completely free!! Soon we will come to get you and that's when your life really begins!!!!

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  1. I have so much love for you and your family. I love this post and will always think of your sweet Kareen when we listen, sing, watch Tangled!