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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In honor of Dr. Suess

(Adrie made a cute Dr. Seuss hat at school today and Bree made a crown for her feast)

A fellow adoption mama shared this adorable poem through an email and I love it! A college aged cousin wrote this for her daughter and it is so cute! He had to write it for a college scholarship letter on the lines of "Oh the places you'll go"

"Dearest Marina,
I'm glad to be writing this letter to you. I've waited for years and your parents have, too. You're a smart little girl with two special brown eyes. You can do what you dream, no matter your size. You may have flown from ******* to be here with us now, but we never gave up; not never, no how. And in the same way that we brought you back, just know that you're loved—in love you don't lack. You may think you're different from the kids that you know, but hold your head high—let your confidence show. And one day when you're grown and are ready to fly, we'll watch you flourish—and I'll tell you why. You're kind and so sweet and compassionate too--don't get discouraged we don't look like you. And though other kids may not act the same way, we'll always be with you; in our hearts you'll stay. So don't think of yourself as a child with no home; you have a new family, and a house of your own.

Love Always,

Cousin Mayfield"

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