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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The good and the Bad

The good......

Anna has a family again!!!!!!

A family who is leaving next week to go to the same orphanage to meet their son Sasha

is now adding Anna to their family and bringing her home as well!!!! AMAZING!!!!

The bad.......

Another family went before a judge in EE and the courts ruled that their child was unadoptable because he has down syndrome....and said he would be better off in an institution. This poor family now has to go home without him

and this poor little boy is wondering what happened to his mom and dad.

MANY prayers go to this family in this heartbreaking trial and many prayers that there will be a miracle and the process can be appealed and the hearts of those officials in this region can be softened. There are a few other families heading to the same region in the next few weeks to adopt and they will face this same situation if hearts are not softened.


  1. So excited and happy for Anna! But so sad for that little boy and the that family. I will also be praying for the officials in EE's hearts to be softened and praying for those children and the families trying to save them. I do believe in miracles!

  2. Rejoicing about Anna.We fell in love with her last year but couldn't move forward ... darn old husband,kidding.

    And sad beyond sad about Kirill.My heart breaks for his forever family and my heart is shattered for him.This has nothing to do with cultures,or countries but rather human goodness and decency.Horrible and oh so very wrong.

  3. Shocking! I continue to be appalled by how uneducated and unaware people are!!!

  4. WHAT?!?!? How in the world can anyone deem any child (A CHILD!!!!) "unadoptable"?!? I can understand people being deemed unfit parents--but really, a child being unadoptable? How does this even make sense in anyone's mind?? My heart is broken for this little boy and the many others like him that have had families come forth only to be turned away because a human-being; an imperfect person; a sinner; thinks he shouldn't have a family. I don't understand the world we live in. :-(