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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twists and Turns

This adoption journey is full of ups and downs.

I feel like I have yet another "family" through Reece's Rainbow and the stories of these families all hit home with me right now.

In the past week so much has happened in the Reece's Rainbow family.

The Fillmores are on their way HOME with their little girl Anya after almost a year of waiting!

The Davis family had a shocking twist of events as they were told they were denied the right to bring their son Kirill home. This news was shocking and heartbreaking to all of us, And yet through this tragedy miracles are coming about.....things are looking hopeful and they are appealing......and prayers are being heard. The facebook and blogging world has spread this story like wildfire and in doing so has reached a hollywood star, Patricia Heaton, (Everybody loves Raymond and The Middle) who is now advocating for these kids and donated $10,000 to Reece's Rainbow today!!!! Through her, Sean Hannity is also now a follower of Reece's Rainbow as well!

The Burman family took their new daughter Carrington, out of the orphanage and to their horror, found that she had been literally fighting for her life. This is what they had seen everytime they had visited her...a child who appeared healthy in her layers of clothing. (It is VERY common to layer the children there, even indoors so it didn't appear strange)

and this is what they found when they got her home to their apartment in EE and undressed her.

They immediately rushed her to the ER upon arrival in the U.S. and she is now getting the medical attention and the love from a family that she so DESPERATELY needed!

She is 3 1/2 years old and was 11 pounds when they brought her home! If this family had been even days later in getting to her, she would not have made it!

Masha's family arrived in EE this week to find out that she had been transferred days before to the institution and so they are now scrambling to change the paperwork needed and get to her at the institution. She is barely 4 like Kareen.

Needless to say, this journey is full of unknowns and twists and turns and I find myself getting SO worried about my girl on the other side of the world. I worry about all the unknowns and what ifs and I feel so helpless! Then I have to remind myself that the Lord is in charge and the greatest gift I have through this journey right now is prayer!

I can pray for Kareen!

I can pray for these other children and families!

I can pray for peace and comfort!

Thank goodness for prayer to see me through this emotional rollercoaster and to protect my girl when I can not!


  1. I still get chills when I see the pics of Carrington...how can this happen?? I am praying like crazy for the Davis', and the other family going before that same judge!

  2. I will keep all of you families and all of those beautiful children in my prayers. Thankfully our Father in Heaven is advocating for these children also.

  3. Wow! You can't help but wonder "Why?" when you hear of these devastating events! But, there are miracles taking place amongst it all. I pray with all my heart that you and all these families will all be together with your precious little ones very, very soon! xoxoxo

  4. Oh, we are prayer for Kareen too! I hope your's is a steady journey!

  5. Hi Kecia. thanks for stopping by our blog. Kareen is precious! :) I'm with you on the worry about the unknown. I'm praying all of us have a smooth process (and fast!) from here on out.

  6. Kecia, you and family are steady on track! And through your sharing some of you, many more are reminded of our own ability to pray continually. Thank you.