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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is Anna
Anna's Reeces Rainbow page says this:

Girl, Born January 4, 2008

Anna has dark hair and dark eyes. She is so pretty! She was born with a minor heart murmur, and should be seen by a cardiologist once home.
From one of our adopting families who visited with her in April 2010: "I met Anna's mother today….a beautiful young woman….she LOVES Anna and visits her often…brings diapers and soap…takes her for walks, kisses her, and picks flowers for her. They are BEAUTIFUL together. It breaks my heart. She wants her child but can't care for her. We need to find Anna a home so this mother can know her daughter will be ok…she would probably love to stay in contact too…oh how complicated she must feel. Anna is ADORABLE!"

$5896.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Anna did have a family coming for her and as of today she doesn't anymore. Her adoption fell through. For one reason or another her family is not able to follow through and bring her home. I do not know details but it is all just heartbreaking.

I first saw Anna on Jennifer's blog. Jennifer adopted Sophia last year from Anna's orphanage and was able to meet Anna. Anna's story has always stuck with me because it is so unique.

This is Anna and her mom (taken last year sometime at the orphanage while Jennifer was visiting Sophia)

This is Anna's story (taken from Jennifer's blog)
On the second visit we saw this mom that comes to visit her daughter on Sundays. It is the most heartbreaking thing to see, she loves her daughter so much but can't take her home because she won't have a future in this country. She visits every Sunday and bring her daughter Anna diapers and other necessities, treats for the children and the staff. She spends several hours with Anna taking her on walks, picking flowers for her, talking to her and loving her. We don't know the complete story but we know from Marina (our facilitator) that she wants her baby to be adopted so that her daughter can have a better life than she would here. She is currently on Reece's Rainbow as waiting for a family. Jen and I can't image what it must be like to have to make the most difficult decision of giving your child for adoption when you love them so dearly. But at this date and time in her country, she has no other option."

From what I have heard, not only would Anna not have a future in her country, but her mom would be shunned. She could lose her house, her job, her family, all because she had a child with down syndrome. So she did what she thought was best for her daughter and she gave her up. Now she waits....again....for a family to rescue her child and give her the future that she can only dream of giving her.


  1. I was so heartbroken to hear that she lost her family today. When I first read that her mom still wanted to have communications with the family if possible I wanted to get on a plane right then and go and get her. We have an open adoption with our daughter's birth family. I hope a family can come quickly for her with all that is going on with the changes in adoption.

  2. I'm so sad to hear that Anna lost her family. She is beautiful.

  3. Hey Kecia! Hello from EE. :)
    Oh, I'm so sad she lost her family again. I fell in love with Anna way back when I first saw the story of her and her mom on a blog back in May. It was sooo instrumental in taking Jeremy and I to the place where we were ready to accept that the Lord wanted us to adopt a child with DS. So she has always had a special place in my heart. Too bad she's not in Kareen's region... you could bring her home, too.