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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet children

Our cute friends, brought over this jar of money that their kids had been saving for Kareen. Each time we receive these heartfelt donations I am touched. Especially when it comes from kids and they are willing to literally give all they have to help another child have a home. Halle, Kyra's best friend, is the oldest daughter and she was even recruiting friends at school and they were bringing her money too. They collected over $40 in change! It just doesn't cease to amaze me the good that is coming through this journey. People are good and compassionate and it is so incredible to be witnessing so much of it around us! We have SO many people working hard to help bring this sweet girl home....

Some are donating money

Some are donating goods and services to auction

Some are spreading the word and advocating

Some have donated frequent flier miles and delta credit for our flights

Some are making blankets for the orphanage

Many are praying and cheering us on and we are OH SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF IT!!!

A VERY CUTE side story:

Julie, Halle's mom is expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and Julie told me that yesterday as she was doing Halle's hair, Halle said "mom I hope our baby is born with down syndrome" Julie proceeded to tell her that it would be fun but probably not likely and Halle said "but I just love Bree and think her and Kareen are so cute, I want a baby in our family with down syndrome." Her mom said "we will still love her even if she doesn't have down syndrome". I LOVED this because usually, it is the other way around "we will still love her if she DOES have down syndrome". I am grateful that people around us can see what a joy a child with down syndrome can be and that they are not scared of it. Bree adores Halle as if she were a sister so Halle, you can always claim Bree and Kareen as your sisters!


  1. That's SUCH a sweet story! And thanks for stopping by and commenting on our blog. :)

  2. I love that story about Halle. Thank you for sharing about your journey with all of us.

  3. Oh, that is just too sweet- Kareen is going to be so loved by so many when she comes home!:)

  4. Wow, that's amazing about the money the kids are bringing! I loved the story you told also. So sweet. :)

  5. Ahh, that is so great. We got a jar like that on our doorstep at Christmastime and it brought me to tears like no other donation. There's just something about children sacrificing and thinking about other children that just tugs at the heartstrings! And what a tender comment. Love it.