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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Child of Light

My new friend Heather is on a plane right now traveling around the world on her way to see her little Anya for the second time. This family is adopting a 5 year old little girl through Reece's Rainbow and the country she is in, requires you to make at least 2 trips, maybe 3 before they get to bring their little girl home. The first time they met Anya was over 3 months ago and now they are FINALLY getting to go back to squeeze her again. I found Heather's blog when Kris and I were weighing this decision of whether to pursue this adoption and when we saw this video of them meeting Anya, we were both sobbing. Heather's blog was such a help to us as we embarked on this journey and we can't wait for them to bring her home---lucky for us we will probably get to meet her in person one day since they live in our state!!!

You HAVE to go HERE and watch this precious video!!!! I know that it isn't always like this when you meet your child for the first time....this is like the perfect scenario!!! Not to mention that Anya is in a very good orphanage/preschool type place where she seems to have been well taken care of. I watch this video OFTEN, and usually cry as I picture the day when we will get to meet our sweet Kareen!

ENJOY this beautiful video!!!

Thanks Heather for letting me share this and good luck on your journey!!!!


  1. Tear Jerker!!! How awesome is it to see that video!

  2. So exciting that they are so close! Can you believe you will be flying across the ocean soon too to meet your new daughter? I can't even imagine how that experience would be. I'm hope Kareen and Anya can get to know each other!