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Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 years ago....

4 years ago I never would have imagined I would have a child with down syndrome, and today we are choosing down syndrome as we choose to bring Kareen into our family.

4 years ago I would have prayed that Bree would not have down syndrome, today I pray for another little girl with down syndrome to be my own.

4 years ago I thought my "perfect" was gone when I was introduced into the down syndrome club, today we are looking forward to the opportunity to bring another angel into our family and show her what life can be like with someone to love you.

My friend Heather was given this poem, written for her, when her daughter was born with down syndrome and I love thinking about the day Bree was born as I read it and looking forward to having another piece of heaven on earth when Kareen joins our family.....

So small she lay there in your arms
With heaven still in her eyes.
You truly are the blessed ones
For she is a special prize.
Your Father took His extra care
and gave a piece of His heart.
In creating your little girl,
He created a work of art.
He sent this child to you,
not by luck or chance.
God knew you were the perfect ones
worthy to have her first glance.
You see your little girl,
brings with her a special light.
That will touch all those around her
And raise them to a new height.
She has something special
that she brought with her to earth.
For there were heavenly angels
that stayed with her through her birth.
She has been given a gift
that she will share with us all.
She carries with her the Savior
in her spirit strong and tall.
All those that are blessed to know her
will come away the better.
Feeling the Savior's spirit
Just because they met her.
An eternal gift to treasure
Her piece of priceless worth.
We truly are the blessed ones,
For she is heaven on earth.
(Written by Tiffany Wilko)

Bree came into our lives 4 years ago, and our eyes were opened to the joy and beauty of down syndrome
And these two incredible sisters have shown us that we CAN share this love with another angel who needs it.

(Bree, Kareen, and my niece Lyla)

4 years ago we hadn't had the blessing of someone with down syndrome in our lives, today we will soon have 3 of these blessings and we are oh so grateful!


  1. Happy Birthday Bree! Thanks for inviting Ashtyn over for the b-day party. She had a great time!

  2. What a beautiful post. Happy birthday to Bree. :-)