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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day and looking back to May 13, 2011

A year ago today we were on our way to Ukraine where we would finally be able to meet our daughter.

I can not believe it has been a year! All I have to do is look at old blog posts of our time there and I get all teary and the feelings come flooding back.

To celebrate the upcoming year anniversary of having Mia home, I am going to dust off the old blog and for the next month, do some "looking back"/today" posts that will lead up to a celebration we are planning (stay tuned for details to come in the next week or so about this!!)

Yesterday was my first Mothers Day with Mia ( and the twins)

(Last Mothers Day I only had 3 girls ha ha!)

At church yesterday Mia got to go up in sacrament meeting on the stand with the other primary children and sing a song to their moms and she was SO excited! She stood in the front row waving with Bree as the singing began and she tried so hard to move her mouth to form the words of the song. The best part came as the song finished....just as the last note was played Mia raised both hands high in the air and with a HUGE smile on her face she cheered "YAYYYY"!!! Of course the congregation all chuckled and I couldn't have felt more happy! That little moment meant so much more than what it seemed....

Last year on May 13, we were packing to travel the next day. We were anxious as we left our 3 girls here to travel thousands of miles to rescue our lost daughter.

Last year on May 13, Mia had no idea we were coming for her. She had no idea that her life was about to change forever.

(Taken from last years post on May 13) "Today our emotions have been at the surface. Every time I think about what we are REALLY doing I got choked up. It still feels so surreal! This morning I went with Kyra on her class fieldtrip and I get a text from Kris (who was home cleaning for me-love him!) that says
"you should see me, I am sitting here crying while I am vacuuming. I have felt the most calming spirit today ever since I went to the temple this morning. And now I can't stop the tears. I just can't wait to get over there and wrap our arms around our little girl" Hearing my sweet husband say that just put me over the edge with emotion. I know we must be doing the right thing because although I am scared and so sad to leave my girls, I feel so at peace. All the emotions of today have been accompanied my an overwhelming peace. We had a sweet evening with the girls and we all received nice blessings from Kris. Afterwards, Adrie was crying on my lap and said " I just didn't think I would cry this much" I don't think my sweet girls can fully understand the magnitude of what their sacrifice is doing for this new sister. In just a few days, this little girl's life will change forever and she has no idea it is coming. She has no idea her mom and dad are getting on a plane and traveling around the world to bring her home to the family that she deserves. She has no idea she is already loved and we can't wait to get over there and put our arms around our little girl!"

This May 13 happened to be Mothers Day and what a perfect way to celebrate the year mark of when we traveled to Mia because  finally had a mother....after 4 years without one.

She had a Mother to sing to....

 which is why it was so amazing to watch her cheer after she finished singing yesterday.

 She had something to cheer about....

 This Mothers Day my lost daughter was home with us

 She had someone to make cards for and to feel proud of doing it.

This Mother's Day Mia had a Mother who loves her!

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