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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meeting Mia

What a day it was a year ago today!

It was just as magical and memorable as each birth of our other daughters as we watched Mia and marveled at each move she made!

(Some details we couldn't share a year ago because they involved the ABC news story)We were planning to take the overnight train and our facilitator as well as the ABC news crew were going to be there in Donetsk when we arrived. Not only was I nervous and anxious to meet our girl, but I had to be prepared to be filmed by a national news crew after traveling through the night on a train and no time for showering....AGHHHH! 

When we got off the train we were whisked off with our faciltator to find our apartment. When we got there, the room wasn't ready so we had to take all of our gear to another room and TRY to freshen up a little in about 20 minutes. Then we were picked back up by our driver and taken to the hotel where Abbie and Sarah (the ABC coorespondant and producer) were waiting for us. We had talked with these two great ladies for months by phone and email but this was the first time we would meet them....in a strange land with no shower and very little sleep ha ha! 

We met them, along with our facilitator Angelina and the RR facilitator Serge, and the craziness began and the cameras started rolling. We all piled into this HOT van and ran around town meeting with officials and signing papers to make it possible to meet our girl. Kris was super sick (probably a combo of nerves and car sickness) and suddenly they said it was time to go to the orphanage and meet Mia (the rest of the details are HERE)

A year ago May 19, 2011

Today May 19, 2012

(From the blog a year ago )
"Finally figured out how to make video work from the laptop. Here is yesterday's meeting!
The sound right at the first is us crying...it was all I could do not to run over and scoop her up but we wanted to give her space and not scare her!
When she gets up from the table it is because the ladies were telling her to get up and dance for us. She went over to the dance floor but then got a little nervous.
The first thing Kris said when she came in was "oh she is so pretty"."

Video of Mia today

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