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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The empty bed

Last week we got the rooms situated for Kareen to have a bed in Bree's room. As I went in to kiss the girls goodnight, which is always my favorite part of the night...there is something so exquisite about watching a little one sleep. I first saw this in Kyra and Adrie's room....And next door in Bree's room was this......
the empty bed....
Seeing Bree sleeping so peacefully and all cozy in her bed always melts my heart and then to look over and see the empty bed, it just made this whole thing a lot more real.
This bed is waiting for Kareen. It is waiting for a real little girl, not just a picture on my computer. This little girl will finally have her own bed, in a room with her very own sister, and will be able to be tucked into those covers by a mom and dad who love her.
Soon, very soon , this bed will not be empty.

****progress report: we HOPE to hear an appointment/travel date later this week. We are praying it comes this week!!!!!*****


  1. We just put Danil's bed in his room this weekend, too. Praying that you get your appointment SOON!!!

  2. How sweet! We are praying for you & are so excited to meet our new niece!!

  3. So exciting!! I can't wait to hear!

  4. I love seeing Anya in her bed. It just melts my heart. I can't wait until Kareen is sleeping peacefully in hers, too! It won't be long...

  5. Praying with you, Kecia! Can't wait to see a pic of that bed with its little occupant sleeping peacefully!

  6. Hi Kecia,
    I'm sure you are busy with everything, but I was again wondering about the scrapbook auction item I won. Did you get my message about the paypal payment to RR? Can you please email me christina0469@msn.com

  7. I am excited for you! I can't wait for her to be really there in that bed. BTW, your girls rooms are really cute!