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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well the opinions have started....
some people think we are crazy and can not fathom why we would do something like this......
to that I say,
if you had felt what we felt about this and about this little girl....you would do it too! There is just no denying the feelings and the hand of God in this process!

I mean why wouldn't we want more of the love that Bree has brought?
Why wouldn't we want to give this sweet little muffin hope and love and a FAMILY?!

Of course we worry about the unknowns and of course there are concerns, but one thing I found while this decision was weighing heavily on our hearts was this perspective that a father shared on my friends (I can call you that right Bethany?even though we are virtual friends?) adoption blog back when she was going through this journey. It is even titled

"Why Not?"

When Charissa came
to me and asked me, "Can we adopt a little girl
with Down Syndrome?". I didn't say anything. I just thought.

Then she said, "... there is a little girl in Ukraine that needs a family." I didn't say anything except.. mmmm.

I began to go over and over in my mind how MY life would change. How would this affect ME. What if this happened what if that happened. How would this little girl integrate into our family?

So, here is a list of questions I asked, prayed over and meditated on for several days:
- This is a huge commitment
- Will she talk, eat, walk
- What will Word of Faith folks think of me having a child with a disability
- How will my life change with this little girl
- Will my kids accept her
- Will my kids rebel
- Will my kids be safe while I am half way across the world
- Can I afford this
- and many other thoughts

Then I had this thought.. What is this little girl thinking:
- When is my daddy going to come kiss my neck and throw me in the air?
- When is my daddy going to come help me get my eyes fixed?
- When is my daddy going to help me learn how to eat, walk, talk?
- When is my daddy going to take me out of this crib and put me on his shoulders?
- When is my daddy going to hold me close at night before he puts me to bed?
- When is my daddy going to tell me he loves me?
- When is my daddy coming to get me? Why's he taking so long? I'm ready!

God defends the orphan! He will defend me and my family..

What a blessing little Ava has been in my life! I just cannot imagine life without that little girl. Jesus will increase your ability to love every child you bring into your home. He'll work miracles in your heart and in the hearts of a whole lot of other folks too.

Don't be afraid to LOVE! Love heals.

I am grateful to this father for sharing these feelings because it helped me when we were having these same questions go through our minds. And it helps me now!

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