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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I knew her....

The decision to adopt Kareen came as quite a surprise to many because it came about so suddenly and it was never really something we had seriously talked about. We didn't even really say much to anyone until we were really serious about it; which all came about very suddenly, in about a months time.The day we told my family that we were going to bring this little girl into our family, my dad shared this story:

He said he had been at our house and gone in to use the computer and saw this little face (Kareen's picture) pulled up on the screen and he said to himself "I know her...." He didn't know ANYTHING about it and didn't even know we were considering adopting, let alone that we were considering this child. Well he kept this to himself and then a week later my mom emailed him her picture and said "Kris and Kecia are seriously considering adopting this little girl from Eastern Europe and they need our prayers in making this decision" Well when my dad saw this same picture, he said he knew we were going to become her family. Of course he didn't share any of this information until after we had made our decision!
As we were sitting there that night talking to my family about Kareen and the process of adoption and such, I became very emotional worrying about the possibility of her being transferred to an institution. Although we would still probably be allowed to adopt her if she was transferred, I still couldn't bear the thought of her spending one minute there. My wise father calmly said to me "Honey, the Lord already had your path to her laid out well before a month ago. He will protect her and watch over her until you get to her"
I am grateful for his faith, because it is getting me through those moments of worry and anxiety about it. I will continue to have faith as we embark on this journey!


  1. Thanks for this, Kecia! Love you! xoxoxo

  2. oh what wonderful words from your dad and what a story. I can't imagine the worry you have about your little one but know she is in God's hands. I am so happy you have buttons I am putting them on my blog now!
    you all are in our prayers

  3. What a beautiful story!!! I love that you have such a wise and gentle father. Tears in my eyes at his words to you!

    I think Kareen is so beautiful! I know you must be so excited to be bringing her home! Praying God's blessings on your family - and protection for Kareen - as you work to go get her!