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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In case you missed it...

(Both videos will automatically start so pause one before you watch the other- The first video is the one that aired on TV last night, the second is the online video that is the story of Bree and Mia)

So many emotions brought up again watching this piece on ABC world news last night.

Cried tears of happiness that Mia was safely home with us

Cried tears of joy watching some of the moments that changed our lives forever

Cried tears of heartache for the children left there without families to love them

Cried tears of gratitude for the miracle that this journey continues to be

It was almost like a dream....did we really travel across the world?

Did we really live in a foreign country for 32 days?

Did we really bring our daughter home only 7 months ago?

Watching the story with Mia sitting in our laps was almost surreal.

She would have been destined for the life in an institution...

there are no words to express how wrong that would have been...and how wrong it is for those who are there

Once again we were able to relive the miracle of this journey last night and it was incredible

For the full, more in depth written story go HERE

Back when ABC contacted us about doing this special, we were very nervous to add one more stress to the already stressful and emotional journey we were embarking on, but we knew that if this piece was handled properly and in the right spirit, that it could be a moving force for more children to find families. So we jumped right in and started sending videos and pictures to ABC of every step of the journey and then met Abbie Boudreoux and Sarah Netter when we arrived in Ukraine.

We had lots of fun with these two ladies for the few days they were with us in Ukraine...lots of laughs and memories of our wild ride there

And were so excited to have them come visit us again in our home a month after Mia came home.

Kris and his entourage of girls he hung out with in Ukraine

This is what our home looked like set up for the formal interview...

It was funny because when they came to our home, I was deathly sick with morning sickness and totally had to fake it through interviews and such.

We had prayed all along that this piece would be positive and would be a force for good to enable more awareness and attention to these other waiting children and Reece's Rainbow and we are so grateful that it was done so well!

By far the hardest part of this journey for us was walking away from the orphanage and knowing there were SO many other children being left behind. We wanted to scoop them all up and take them home.

Being there we knew how much these children wanted families because they lit up when we would come in the room to get Mia and they called us "Mama and Papa". And it tore our hearts out! So being able to continue to spread awareness was all we knew we could do to help these kids and we appreciate ABC for letting us do that.

Thank you to ABC and these ladies for fighting for this story and spreading awareness.

Last night the Reece's Rainbow website had so much traffic after the story aired that the website crashed...which is a good reason for it to happen but not good that it crashed at a peak moment when people were trying to see what they could do to help, so PLEASE continue sharing this story and videos so that people can go to Reece's rainbow and hopefully be moved to help in some way.

Thanks for all your love and support! Yes we were the faces to this particular story but we could not have brought Mia home without the help and support of SO many!


  1. It was an amazing story, Kecia -- and so fun to watch and think, "We did that, too!" at certain parts :)

    I'm so glad you opened your journey up to the news crew!

  2. I am so glad to hear more about Mia. Thank you! It brought tears to my eyes.

  3. I featured you guys on our blog last night, and I meant just what I said...I consider you guys true heroes. (http://noahsdad.com/reeces-rainbow-adoption/)

    God is using your story in big ways. I'd love to do a little "blog" interview with you if you are interested. I think it would be very helpful to many of our readers. I'm thankful for you guys. We have a great community of parents you feel the same way about you guys as I do over on our Facebook page ---> http://facebook.com/noahsdadcom

    Looking forward continuing to watch your story unfold.

    (Noah's Dad)

  4. such a great story as a person with a disablity ( Cerebral Palsy among other things ) I hope i can adopt a kid from reces rainbow when i get older

  5. awesome.... was very well done!! so excited for the impact it will have in saving lives. I am SURE there were some "new parents" out there watching! and new advocates and hopefully some people with lot's of money :-D

  6. love this and love you guys- and MAN are you good at keeping secrets!! ;)
    Every time we watch a video of Mia our kids ask- are they still coming to Oregon to see us?!? Amazing that you were so sick - you looked gorgeous through the interview. Still feels like we're in a dream on this side of things, I can't imagine what it feels like on yours. I kept looking at Sam while we were watching the interview and saying- can you believe this? If you would have told us last year that this was the happy ending we were praying for, and that it really would come true... unbelievable.